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Camelot Unchained Camelot Unchained - Who will you fight for? GD Other Games The place in Game Development for discussing all of the games that are not yet released and do not yet have their own category in Game Development. The discussion does not have to be about MMORPGs or even RPGs. OTG members have varied gaming interests and this is a great place to talk about any unreleased game regardless of genre. Crowfall The MMO you can win! Explore an ever-changing world. Trade and craft your way to the top. Become an unstoppable warlord! Your actions will have lasting consequences that can impact Crowfall history for years to come. The Repopulation The Repopulation is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game in a science fiction setting. In many ways it is a throwback to the social aspects and sandbox driven gameplay that made titles like Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online successful. But it also integrates more recent innovations and introduces an array of its own unique wrinkles. GD Chapter Information Chronicles of Elyria Welcome to Chronicles of Elyria, where your character ages and dies. This category is where you will find everything CoE. Ashes of Creation Rise from the Ashes of Creation - A Sandbox Fantasy Star Citizen Imagine a universe that combines the freedom of exploration, the thrill of combat, and the unique challenge of building a life in space. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Taken from the Pantheon website: Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen takes place on the high-fantasy world of Terminus, a wildly diverse land formed from fragments of many different realms and times, bringing with them their unique civilizations and deities. Explore long lost realms, as their people and cultures vie for power and form alliances, struggling to gain a foothold in an unfamiliar world. Uncover civilizations and awe-inspiring locales that offer incredible adventures for you and your friends to experience. Enter a world where the environment itself tells the story and where content is always king! Atlas Atlas is an pirate MMO adventure/survival game from Grapeshot Games. Build, customize, and sail your own ships and rafts alone or with a crew of other players, team up or fight with other ships and crews, fight Undead, Monsters, Elementals and uncover buried treasure and loot! Find the Power stones and Fight the Kraken! Gather resources and build a community with your fellow OTG members!
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Game Dev Screenshot Repository

Looking for screenshots and videos! Post your screenshots or short videos of anything in development. It doesn’t have to be one of our featured dev games. Any time you capture something amusing, pretty, fun, whatever,…

11 September 1, 2018
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READ ME - Joining the Star Citizen in game Organization for OTG

If you are interested in joining the in game organization Old Timers Guild and would like to be invited, here is what you need to do: First be sure that you understand the organization you are joining. OTG is a “white …

22 October 31, 2019
Star Citizen 101 and How To Buy The Game With An OTG Referral Code

All, I thought it would be useful for OTGers new to Star Citizen to have a primer on what the game is, and how they can sign up for the game using the OTG Referral Code Generator in order to get extra benefits for thems…

23 October 29, 2019
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Astellia Online 116 October 24, 2019
Kickstarter Pledge Poll

Please post your kickstarter pledge ranks! Explorer: Steeldragon, tomelectric, Frogsong Settler: Splutty, GeorgeNoX, Rushka, Liv, blankmind, sorrow, Briar, Rosyposy Pioneer: Mysticae, thistle, Meralissa, Grauz Founde…

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