OTG Star Citizen Flight Group Events

Hello Everyone!

Starting this week and every two weeks following we will have OTG get together events in game.
These events will include various activities in game, from flight exercises to cargo runs to first person assaults, and really whatever we can think of.

The first meeting of the OTG Flight Group (we need a catchy name) will be this Wednesday, June 29 at 6pm Central US time, 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific, 2am UK time, and look it up for other zones :wink:
The expected duration is about 3 hours, so if you cannot make it at start time that is ok, join when you can.

This week we will go over some basic in flight communication protocols. We need to be able to effectively communicate with each other about the situation in space so this will give us the basics to do that. Once we have run through coms, we will take on some bounty missions together, then after that we will play it by ear and see what folks feel like doing.

Here are some terms to become familiar with. Do not feel you need to remember all of these, plain language is just fine anytime. These terms just help us to quickly communicate should we find ourselves in a tight situation. These are a few, we can add others if and when we see it is necessary

Basic Comms

  • AFFIRM - Yes; that is correct; can also use AFFIRMATIVE
  • NEGATIVE - No; that is not correct
  • COPY - Transmission received
  • DISREGARD - Belay my last message or directive.
  • GO AHEAD - Proceed with report or request
  • ROGER - Transmission received and understood
  • WILCO - I understand and will comply with the directive

Ship Designation

  • BANDIT - Positively identified as an enemy
  • BOGEY - Positively identified as neutral or not identified
  • FRIENDLY - Positively identified as an ally
  • SPLASH - Target is destroyed or adrift and no threat


  • BENT - Ship frame has taken damage (hull is yellow or red)
  • BINGO - Out of fuel
  • BROKEN - Ship destroyed or adrift, pilot ejecting, controls unresponsive, or awaiting respawn
  • CLEAN - No damage noted
  • EMPTY - Out of missiles/torpedoes/mines
  • FENCED-IN - Ready for flight and/or task assignment
  • FENCED-OUT - Exiting mission area and no longer available
  • SWEET - Weapons are all functional, undamaged, loaded, and cooled
  • WINCHESTER - Gun ammunition fully expended

The time looks off for the invite. This is what it shows for me:

Yeah the event tag set up the time wrong I think.
Either way, it is 6pm central, adjust to your time zone accordingly :wink:

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Got it! I’m hoping I don’t forget. It would be nice if we had a Star Citizen role in the OTG discord so we can be pinged when the event is close to starting.

I will do what I can to make it to the next event. Unless work (rarely) or wife (more likely) gets in the way :slight_smile:

I do have a shiny new Andromeda to play with along with a few other ships. Do you all have a particular area ya spawn from ? I am a bit new to traveling/gaming in the PU. I finally have a computer where this game runs smoothly. So excited to play it more.

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I don’t think there’s a set area for anyone. My “home” is currently Orison but that’s a pain to get in and out of since it’s a cloud city. When 3.17.2 patch comes out (which will be a wipe, btw), I plan on either New Babbage or Area 18. Area 18 has a nice armor/gun shop as well as Centermass, Dumper’s Depot, Casaba and Astro Armada.

Would LOVE to be part of these but 2am UK time is a little past my bedtime, this is the OLD timers guild after all! :frowning:


I wouldn’t mind having an event around 2 or 3pm eastern time on a Saturday or Sunday. That would be 7 or 8pm London time


I hate i missed this, I will try to make the next one. I have been playing solo for a long time now. I need to fill my social tank.

Depending on the weekend, I’m all for afternoon EST.

@Simdor How do you see over the dash?

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so what time exactly is the group event. Its showing 2am in the morning here for me. What UTC time is the event? Or eastern or whatever works?

I believe it is at 7pm eastern

Ok I have tried about 8 different ways to update the Event and it still shows the wrong times.

So as a reminder the event time is

6pm central to 10pm central

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Oh and I am going to try and put together something for this weekend at a time our old timers across the pond can also attend.

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I might be late but I’ll try to make it.

Thanks. Sadly this one is midnight to 4 am on a Sunday for the UK

This one started strong but then went on pause for a while until I could get life/work back in balance.

Glad to say that I think we can start this up again soon (ish)
With the holidays coming up I hate to try and start meeting regularly, but maybe right after the new year we can have 2 of these a week, one for US time zones and another for EU time zones

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Sweet. Hopefully I can join you all.