If this comes out before SQ42, looking better than SC (which it does), I am disappoint.


We’ll see. I mean that’s all cinematic, like a Blizzard video. I want to see gameplay. But in the end we all get more games with starships so I’m fine with it.

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Exactly. And Bethesda certainly has a rocky track record, but it would be amazing if they got this right, started it after SC started, finished it before SC released, and was hugely successful. Even more amusing would be if every other dev strikes while the iron is out and taps out the starship game market before SC ever launches.

Rocky is kind.

Love some Bethesda games, but only after the modding community fixes them.


Along those lines, Howard is referring to it as “Skyrim in Space” which means open world, PvE, single player, and MODS!!!

I think Starfield is going to be more The Outer Worlds ++. Larger environments, maybe some space based content on the ship scanning for things and fixing stuff - but nothing in the way of hands on real time piloting or ship to ship live combat.

Looks nice but I’ve gotten jaded with Bethesda. For one they have terrible looking character models and the game play mechanic for skill advancement that they use is so last century for me. Good thing there is a great modding community to save the day. I might get the game but I have to say that I end up disappointed every time I get onboard with their games.

Game needs to have unlimited resources or can be modded to be so otherwise it’s a no-go for me.

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I’m definitely more excited about the mod potential than anything they release, you’re not wrong :slight_smile:

It’s an RPG, no surprises there from Bethesda but don’t know if you realised but the trailer was all in-game, using an Alpha build, not CGI. Which makes it pretty exciting for me.

Yeah, but is it gameplay or cutscene with in game assets. They can still show just about anything if they’re moving assets around. I mean it’s kinda par for an early video, but still doesn’t tell us much.

Ill get invested when we are under the 6 month mark from actual REAL non alpha, pre alpha release.

I’m pessimistically hopeful, but it’s Bethesda so I’m more pessimistic than hopeful :smirk: Still I want to be hopeful and have it be a great single player space RPG adventure with action. It’s supposed to be a new game engine? so that’s something.

Same, if there are modders and modding tools, it will all be fine eventually.

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Bethesda was basically purchased outright by Microsoft. Take that for what it is worth.
But hey, it releases on game pass day 1 so I will at least try it out :wink:

Now they just need to integrate something like Hardspace Shipbreaker.

just sayin’… NewsNow: Loading story...

Cool. Then I look forward to seeing more from them and where they’re taking it.

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The info I’ve seen from leaks and such is what I expected…they over-committed and will have to cut back a lot to get it shipped. Space flight is “meh” at best. The game is the “prettiest bethesda product released yet”, but that’s not a super high bar to get over. I’ll still buy it and play the heck out of it, but my expectations will be properly set.

I’ll likely get it included in my game pass so no issue there. As long as they continue to allow modding and it isn’t an online game, the community will be able to fix what they never seem to be able to get right.

Got bumped to next year. Bethesda never does that, the leaks are likely true, too much to do, too much content.