Once Human

Anyone had the chance to check out the Once Human Beta? Looks pretty cool.

I tried to get a key for it, but no luck. Seems to be very popular, but wish I could give you an opinion based on personal experiences

Yea beta is over on the 21st and they are no longer giving out keys. Another beta will come around March/April with no keys required then.

Seems like they had a really good beta. Game need some work, but most people had a blast. I know some streamers who spent like 80 hours playing it had issues with the endgame content. If anyone gets any extra keys in the future beta’s, maybe we could post them here.

I’m in it. Haven’t put in a lot of time but playing off and on. Got turned off by all the survival tutorial stuff (um hello, I’ve been punching trees for years) and ran off to kill stuff. It’s fun but a lot I haven’t seen yet.

This guy has probably seen everything in beta though… :open_mouth:

Looks really nice!!