A new game will be releasing in a few days (supposed to be in March 24) called Bellwright. It allows coop play or solo adventuring. I am going to try this one out and would love to hear from other OTG who might be testing or playing it.



Sounded vaguely familiar (but only vaguely) so looked it up. Looks pretty cool!

Thanks for the head’s up. I just signed up for something (alpha/beta??). They say “check your email for confirmation” but nothing yet (only 10m) so not sure if it went thru or what.

Their website is lacking info and their press kit is just a bunch of Google Docs. Looks like single player or co-op (which isn’t defined what that means). Visually/stylistically it doesn’t look all that enticing at first glance but I like the way gameplay is described. Will give it a shot and see how it goes.