Testers unite

OK I know there are lots of folks in OTG that have pledged and will be in the latest 24 hour test later on this week. Where are those special people allowed to discuss the testing with other testers. Do we have a special forum for such people?? Or special channels in our discord that those who participate can use. As I have not been in one of the previous test phases I do not know what does or does not go on. :slight_smile: Hope the testers can provide VR with what they need to improve their product. Here is hoping they will have the ingame feedback feature (discussed in the latest Livestream) ready for this new upcoming test phase. So they can make significant progress to makeup for lost time.

*** Update *** There is another Test session planned for Pantheon. Yes you heard right. There is another playtest scheduled for Saturday Feb 10th. Additional info on VR’s new Seasons info can be found.
If anyone is down for some OTG group action during this test let me know. Ill be in discord hit me up!

Here → Seasons – Pantheon – Rise Of The Fallen


I would guess there will be a discord link to post things. That seems to be a common platform for submitting things.

I finally decided to look into my Pantheon pledge, I had given up on this game. Had an email from 2018 showing a $250 pledge, but the link to login in the email no longer worked. When I went to the pantheonmmo site, I was able to log in the forum but noticed it said my pledge was $0, just a “free” account. After 2-3 emails with support they did find me and re-instated my $250 pledge.
So, cool, the support was very responsive and fixed my issue.
Looking forward to try it out one day.

It way my understanding that VR has said you can talk about the game all one wants. It is only the visuals that they are restricting now.

Pantheon channel in Discord would be your best bet, really. And yes, there is no NDA on participation and conversation, you just can’t stream/cap things.

yeah got an email from VG about a pre-release testing. have one of the kickstarter level pathfinders pledge so that’s how I recv’d one. I might try it out just lost alot of interest in it at all … what’s it been 9 almost 10 years.

If I do and if I can I’ll post a couple pictures.

Well, today was disappointing. VR’s failure today does not help my diminishing confidence in them.

Weird, I didn’t get a second email with the time they wanted to test. That bad huh?

There never was a test, so that’s why you never got an email. Also they apparently now use Discord for these important message, so you might not have gotten an email at all.

Hopefully the people that are on the Discord will keep us up to date here and in our own Discord, though! :smiley:

To expand upon what Splutty said, VR botched the test for Alpha pledges to check out the pre-alpha. They botched it in such a fashion that it was not fixable in the one day time frame for the test so they outright cancelled it and have yet to reschedule it as far as I know. From what I heard the test might happen in January.

Looks like their primary communication channel is Discord. I was told if you are included in one of the three test groups they are having each one will be on one of three different servers. We will not know which server of the three servers we are on until we go to login to test. They are doing it this way as i guess each server can only handle a specific number of testers each. We will not be able to request a server switch but i am betting those that have linked the OTG code to their account will most likely all be placed on the same server. As they know we are a dedicated block of testers and we will accomplish more if we stay a core group. These are all guesses based on common sense we will have to see what the actual reality will be tomorrow on test day!

             See you in the test hopefully,  Calicobard

The mail I received.

Since the postponement of this weekend’s session, our team has been working on a solution that will bring in alpha pledges for a test session and we have settled on that solution.

  • We will be running 3 test sessions for PA testers and alpha pledges over the next 3 days. This is your invite to a test session on Wednesday, December 20th, starting at 11AM PST. The session will end on Thursday, December 21st, at 10AM PST.

  • Registered alpha pledges has been broken down into 3 groups and each group is assigned a day and a server for testing.

  • Additional information may be found on the official website. This link includes the client download and important installation information as well as links to our forums and Discord.

Download – Pantheon – Rise Of The Fallen (pantheonmmo.com)

It is important to note that the issues that resulted in the postponement on Dec 16th have NOT been resolved. To mitigate this we are limiting population with the 3 test sessions, and performing reboots as needed. Cross-server movement for player characters, requesting a specific server or a different testing day is not possible for this test. Alpha pledges need to be aware that the test server is currently experiencing issues with item/stat loss and these things will not be recoverable. Future test sessions with better stability for alpha pledges are planned in 2024.

Download went off without a hitch, client starts up fine, authentication works, but of course I can’t select a server yet :slight_smile:

But at least, it works! I’ll be in on Wednesday, I guess :slight_smile:

I got the Tuesday session and my Tuesday night DnD game was cancelled this week so I can actually participate in the session for more than 2 hours after work :smirk:

I was in there for Wed/Thu, then again for Fri/Sat., playing my heart away. Level 7 monk. Level 2 wiz, level 2 paladin, level 1 rogue.

It feels like Vanguard cities with EQ camps and classes. The abilities are done differently, though I must say that not having some monk abilities implemented made for some tricky pulling. That is to say, dual wield and feign death are there, with 1 point in them, but no way to use or improve them. So I had real deaths instead. Xb

You get killed and arise with your clothes on, but your packs and inventory are on your corpse. Not too bad, except for the XP penalty. I died about ten times. Bad pulls, wandering (red to level 7) mobs, and falling through the world takes a toll on a gal: To the tune of leaving the game with a 6k+ XP debt that gets paid back in 4 - 12 XP increments per kill.

When you have a great group, the game is magic and the camp is cleared. When you have that one ninja-looter who is harvesting when you pull and is constantly OOM, you want to go find a new group. So few people were on (about 63 max), that booting someone who was a self-centered ass was harder to justify. We’ve all been there in groups like that.

Crafting is tedious and not the slightest bit fun, though there are special ingredients that can make better stuff. Items have very low stats. My best piece was a tunic that had 6 AC on it because I had special +1 AC thread when I made it. I bought my fist weapons at 12 silver per hand and they were the best monk items I’d seen in the game. Those lasted three levels before I noted a flattening of efficacy. I made a bo staff that rocked and when I was done, I gave it to a newbie who then plotzed. Xb It was 8dmg/4.5s My fist weapons were each 4dmg/2.5s. No-brainer, since a miss equals no damage for 4.5s, where it’s unlikely to miss twice with fist weapons and then there’s the fact that I have two of them going.

Different weapons allow you to use different abilities and there are supposed to be spell synergies, but those were not in evidence, so most people went with ice as wizards. I did like my bo techniques, but the fist weapons got the most love.

Climbing rocked - until pulling in full Erudite-mode kicked in at the skelly camp. Who cast darkness? Razzer-frazzer. But guess what? Those other f(r)iends in your group? They have circles around their class symbols in the group panel, with an arrow telling you where they are located in relation to how you are facing — Useful!

I went exploring and found quest people and rare crafting stuff and named mobs everywhere. It’s a good thing I’m a pluviophile, too, since when the rain comes, you are in it for the duration. There were places we couldn’t access because the walls were not able to be climbed or there was an artificial force field on the entrance (castle). Plenty to do until level 8, anyway. The water was not something you could swim in and there were places where you could fall in and croak from the fall damage. We got around that when I found a place you could “wade” into the water and walk along the bottom to loot. I hope that was a conscious decision by the devs.

As much as there was a lack of content, I didn’t hurt for things to do and two days felt too short. But three would have seen me at level 8 - 10 and godlike for what content there was. At 7, I still felt like danger existed in the world, and not just from wandering a-hole named mobs.

After ten years, I expected more. The XP penalty is so punishing that you either stop caring about it or go make a new character and hope that you don’t die. Good luck with that. Social mobs are in effect and some are a little crazy, so they run off at 90 degrees before chasing you, pissing off half the camp. Such is the thirst for a new EQ that I am still jonesing for more Pantheon, despite knowing the game just isn’t there yet.

Honestly, it’s the people. People who are largely my age, who get my jokes and who played EQ and understand their roles. The classes are unique enough to recognize when someone is doing a fantastic job. I met people who I think I’d love to game with each week. In two days! Just… yeah… Blown away by how much I hate raiding and want a game that doesn’t have it. That’s not this game, per se, but it’s close. Monsters and Memories is closer to that - and further along in a shorter span of time, with less development money. I needed a group for that game and people were really mostly doing their own thing when I was on. I will try again for the next M&M test and also will be back for another go at Pantheon.

I hope to see you there and that the devs have far more fleshed out! Like including more writing and the whole “discovery” system. There is so very little hand-holding, but that’s not what we liked about EQ. We liked finding out and then being the one in the know; for lack of a better term, “tribal knowledge,” where things get shared with those you get along with. It is the only real way to learn anything in Pantheon and was like this in EQ as well. Cool on some levels, but in no way newbie-friendly. And maybe too dated? I don’t want quest arrows. I certainly don’t want guidance worms like EQII. However, having a guard or NPC point the way wouldn’t be amiss. Also, the quest-giver should have some idea of where to find what they are looking for. The danger or labor is what they are avoiding, not the retrieval/delivery, per se.

Hmm… I’m getting into game design decisions. Very tricky, since not everyone agrees as to what makes a game fun/enjoyable. Oh! I will say this - you can put away your weapon! There is no sheathing animation (dirty!), but at least you don’t look like an idiot, running with scissors.

  • Nasotha

If anyone is still testing, I’m on during the evenings. Look for Nasotha in-game.

Can confirm the alpha test is today in 2 hours I got an email yesterday

Absolutely negative experience for me this time around. The launcher would not even finish updating the client and it was stuck in an endless cycle of failing to download the last three files and retying over and over again. Left the launcher open all night and it still was not able to finish the download. HUNDREDS of retries by the time I woke up and checked. Nothing but total disappointment and frustration this weekend, couldn’t even get in the damn game. Not encouraging at all, completely the opposite to be honest.