Testers Unite Part Deux

Attention ALL backers of Pantheon Rise of the Fallen…

Hear ye Hear ye.

If you have ever pledged any amount of money to Visionary Realms for Pantheon: Rise of the fallen.

You shall within the next 24 to 48 hours receive an email with instructions from Visionary Realms to Create a game account with an access key that will allow you to play the game on Saturday February 10th starting at 10 am Pacific standard time for 24 glorious hours. In addition there will be additional testing times available later this month for various of the backing factions of Pantheon.

** and there was great rejoicing - yea! **

Those wishing to have OTG groups meet during test reach out to me in discord and ill put you in my or another group of OTG based on member response. Thx see you in the game. I will conceed contactship if an officer volunteers to take my place.

details here → Seasons – Pantheon – Rise Of The Fallen


I intend to try and be around for some of Saturday. I am a VIP so I already have a level 4 Wizard named Stoli. Was not leveling him since I still think they are going to do a wipe prior to Season 1 starting but it won’t be happening prior to this weekend’s 24 hour session. So look for Stoli on Saturday if you need a partner! Around level 5 is when you probably want to start grouping.

Oh and the XP death penalty was inactive last I played a couple weeks ago, so hopefully that will make it easier on folks this weekend, as long as that is still the case and they haven’t re-implemented it.

What server is everyone on?

This just in they did NOT do a character wipe from last test so I can start over or play the lvl 7 almost 8 shaman Calico from last months test run.

I have also heard they will be opening 10 servers to accommodate the number of testers they anticipate may show up to play!

I checked my pledge, and it looks like have to wait until 23 March. That’s ok I guess, I will be on the road until the 15th for work so something to look forward to.

I’ll be on tomorrow, currently have a level 9 Monk named Nagasakee. I’d like to group with OTG members, especially folks I’ve never grouped with before. Hit me up in Discord or in game.

Ok folks im up early and ready to play. I downloaded the latest patch from a link in the official pantheon Discord. I am gtg for the official 10 am PST start time. VR expects no delays to the official start time at the time of this post. See you in game.

I tried logging in yesterday the 10th and found no servers available. I will try again this morning. I got in the next morning guess I was off on my timing.