Valheim - Does anyone have a brief review of the game?

Is anyone playing Valheim? The steam link is Valheim on Steam

The reviews seem to be very positive but I would really appreciate an OTG view on this. Are the publicly available servers fun to play on or do you need to basically find a group of friends to play on a shared server?

Any thoughts would be most appreciated!


I have only played solo for a few hours, but it is very solid and stable game so far. I think I went from “This is pretty good” to “WHOA!” when I summoned the first boss.

I’ve been thinking of picking it up myself. I love “7 Days to Die” and I mess around in “Ark Survival.”

Played both ARK (1100 hours) and 7D2D (200ish hours)

I am on day 55 in Valheim and it compares very favorably to both.

No skill trees to unlock. Everything levels up by doing. Running, swimming, fighting, all of it. I love that at first there are no trivial fights or easy kills. But you get better and better as you go.

All unlocked by finding the mats or killing a boss. Just play. It will all come to you. Some faster than others or needing an upgrade to your workstation. All in all I found it very intuitive.

Better than Ark for sure. Snap points are far more defined amd easy to locate. Mistakes can be destroyed for a full refund of mats.

Bosses are summoned to unlock access to special recipes or mats there is one boss for each biome type. There are also “Invasions”. Think Bloodmoon in 7D2D, except randomly timed. Biome appropriate mobs will swarm your base.

-They have used music super effectively. You will see what I mean if you stand in a meadow for a few minutes before summoning the first boss.
-The graphics get alot of discussion. I was initially put off but have come around after playing for a while. While the look simple, the level of reflection and ambience is really pleasant.
-It can be brutal at the beginning. But not oppressive.
-Be versatile. Tactics used to kill a Neck won’t work on a deer. Trolls, boar, deer, skeletons, greylings all take different combat styles.
-World size is staggering.

All in all its a great buy at $20.

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I made a post about this game as well, didn’t see this one.
But i for one am having a blast playing it.
And we have a bunch of OTGer’s playing it on a few private servers. That’s the one downfall is 10 max per server. But with the certain resources not respawning I can see why they did it.
I really like the fact that you only need to make one character, you can switch between your own private server and other servers with your toon and EVERYTHING in your inventory. Really well done so your progression stays.
With that being said if you don’t like a server just deconstruct everything and keep the materials in your inventory and go to another server. I would suggest setting up a house on your own private server that you can use to store items and resources.
@Roml pretty much nailed it with his comment here. I would say for a early access game it’s 85% complete. just needs some fine tuning.


Boy was I surprised with this one, it just release in EA on steam about a week ago and saw some friends playing it. I know Early Access WTF, I to am tired of EA but this is pretty dam close to be complete in it’s current state.
It peaked my interest so I bought it ( $20 bucks ) which is cheap, I can spend that way faster and get a lot less for what you get with this game.

It reminds me of my time in Wurm Online but better looking and less of a grind. I have over 30 hours in so far and having a blast. You can play solo or on a dedicated server with up to 9 friends, but the cool thing is your character transfers from server to server, so you don’t lose progression and whatever is in your inventory goes with you.
If your into sandbox survival and looking for something new, I highly recommend Valheim.

Cheers, Ed

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I just picked this up last night and it is living up to the hype from my perspective. I believe it is voxel based and I am not even a fan of voxel games, but it has almost looks like a nice pixel art game. So far I am enjoying the exploring and building although the snap-to on house parts is a bit twitchy to line up.

I spent the first night standing out in the cold holding a torch to keep from freezing because I was too slow to build what I needed like a fire and shelter, thank the gods it wasn’t raining hehe. I spent part of the next day stuck in my house because of a crazy rainstorm…it was pretty neat.

Idk if they can mash your thread with another thread on Valheim, but here is the link: Valheim - Does anyone have a brief review of the game? - #4 by Roml

@Roml posted some interesting info on the game.

It definitely looks like a fun game, especially for $20.

~ Mid

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I’ve only been playing solo but I’m loving it. I’ve got about 200 hours in and still a ton of stuff to accomplish.

Would be nice if OTG would set this game up with it’s own room - It’s going to be played for quite a while.

Okay so sounds like this one is a good one to get for 20 bucks, let me know if we get a server going.

Damn. I think you guys sold me. I came to see if Ed had chimed in. I know you live and breathe these games and have hosted many servers.

These days I almost exclusively play my PS5 for anything but say, WOW but I don’t see this coming to console for a long long time if ever.

pets buy button

Loving this game as well. just at 100 hrs, and around day 200 on single player. Interested to see if anyone opens up a server to show off what they have build, I and definitely interested in seeing others creations. even the small shack getup’s.

Ive jumped in and started playing tonight. Ive enjoyed it. Died 3 times lol. But Ive also got my base started. Good spot with deer boar etc around. Had a damn troll show up and mushed me and half my house I was rebuilding from a shack. Its alright. I got a bow now :slight_smile: Fun game, reminds me of Conan.

Started playing about a week ago. Glad I did. What a fun game.

What I enjoy:

  • Leveling by doing things, want to be good at the bow, use it and you will get better.
  • Discovery of recipes by finding new materials
  • Auto pickup up loot (as long as your not encumbered)
  • The environment is enjoyable, though it won’t win any realistic graphic awards
  • Music (first time sailing was pretty epic) at certain times
  • Difficulty level is well done - most of the game is not difficult, but I haven’t figures out a way to kill trolls in the troll cave.
  • Use of an endurance bar (I like this), eat better foods for a bigger bar, I imagine leveling up an action probably uses less endurance as well when performing that action.
  • combat graphics, simple yet enjoyable
  • construction, its pretty much open, and uses a simple strength mechanism that works well.

What I don’t like

  • Joint connections in building. If building at eye level or above you head, there is generally no problem, but getting the joining of two things to contact at the right intersection when building below you is a major PITA.
  • Fishing, still can’t fish as I haven’t found the vendor that sells the fishing gear. I should be able to fish if not right off the bat, pretty quickly. Maybe this is my lack of exploring and mostly building in the area.

I know of a few OTGer’s that have private servers set up, I happen to play on one where we have a couple open spots. The down side to servers is a max of 10 people. But it allows for a tight knit community working together.

Hey @Bigred building can be a bit frustrating at first using the stairs helps a lot to get you on the same level as what your trying to build, Fishing is fun and a great source of food, there is a vendor on every starting land mass you just have to get out and explore. He sell the fishing pole and the bait, once he is discovered on the server everyone can see him on the map, and most setup a portal to him.
hope that helps.

Picked this up last Tuesday night after work, that’s “Friday” for my work schedule, and played it both Wed + Thursday. Built a little 2 part home up on a hill. Front part smithy and cooking with a ladder to the sleeping quarters up stairs. Built a spiked wall around it all with a wee bit of space for a garden and a couple penned in hogs.

Made a flint axe, some pants, and just been collecting rocks, berries, some wood, and whatever I might discover from some derelict building chest. Stepped a few feet into the black forest and oh man 7 or 8 grey dwarves came after me.

Not sure what I’ll do tonight … kinda hesitant to poke around as I believe I’ll get spanked something nasty. Maybe I’ll craft some fire arrows and prep for the first boss.

oh, yeah, this is just solo atm.


Ive realized i parked myself next to a part of the black forest myself. Im not ready to move yet. Still exploring. found me a dungeon last night and realized…hell yeah…skellies! and I needed dem bones. then i went to the second level and opened the door…ACK 3 1* skellies was in my face…needless to say i didnt survive. So i had to log out. All day i thought about how am I gonna get my shit back. Well I did it:") Then I went after the first boss, got him now Im working on getting that nice hammer. Man so many plans. What a game at this stage.:slight_smile:

I am really digging it. I haven’t fought the first boss yet. Occasionally I get frustrated that there’s a mat that is holding up my crafting and I get tired of grinding pigs for leather straps. But it’s a very well done game. I did have my corpse trapped in a building where two skeletons were spawning, and I couldn’t get it back naked with a stone ax. Had to grind up some more gear to get my other gear back. Pain in the ass but again the game is pretty gentle on the newbie, you can repair items for free, you don’t lose any skills or gear if you die when you are new.

Here’s is some proof positive how good this game is…