Where is everybody?!

I feel sad that this forum seems to have died - I hate the toxicity of Reddit, Spectrum is even worse, and I’m too old to understand how to fully use Discord!

Do any of you frequent other Star Citizen forums or online sites without being told by some 15 year old keyboard warrior that I’m a f…ing idiot?

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Not Star Citizen related though I find forums useful. Seems Discord is more “hard core” online gamer use with followers learning how to use to keep in touch.

I value camaraderie above all. Internet forums fitting my interests such as this one for Older Gamers. The problem, IMO, we need more casual subforums on todays events, etc. Something where opinions are shared to bring more common banter, chatter.

Current setting is too broad a spectrum and garners only a couple / few to actually post.

As odd as this sounds, almost need collective debate w/ moderator/tion to keep a lively enough community to increase participation. Yes, it will undoubtably build some thin skinned whimpering to Admin though if admins deal with the squeaky wheels, the common, causal conversations increase traffic.

As it is now - this forum gravitates towards specific games and thus only a couple/few actually post. Need more common rooms, even if it adds to moderator requirements and that boosts community.

bah, my two coppers. I’m from 1980’s+ “Baud town” 2400 telephone jack internet debates between MOPAR and other automakers within game focused internet… America Online, The Older Gamers - when they had forums such as TWAU (This World Around Us), etc bring common sub forms to migrate banter/casual/debate, etc and then people ALSO have their game channels.

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Discord really is just IRC :slight_smile: Join us!

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do you have an invite?

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!greeter register

In the #welcome channel you’ll be dumped into, and then follow the instructions that will be sent to you in a private message on Discord, which then will link your Discord and Forum accounts (kind of)

Discord moves to fast for me, especially these days. I find I really only want to interact with a small group of folks, and I come back to Discord after a few days and it’s scrolled past and I have to catch up, etc.

Re SC, I cancelled my sub many months ago and don’t log into the game. If it launches, I’ll obviously log in to check it out, get ganked, uninstall and move on, but it finally broke my spirit completely and I can’t give them any more of my money.

And I felt like this was just my feeling :slight_smile:

This might scratch that itch however:

I still love just tooling around doing delivery missions, etc, and have never been ganked (except by one NPC bounty hunter, which actually was kind of awesome!) It’s not the grief-fest you seem to think it is @macallen

Starfield was the last straw for me, I mentioned that in another thread. It is literally everything CR promised me back in 2k12, plus more, and no PvP, so quite the perfect game for me. Then add mods, so even if Bethesda doesn’t hit the mark, the modders will scratch any itch I can imagine :slight_smile:

I play with a small group of 4 people. Kind of a mini org. We mine and do box missions. Sometime we get together in a redeemer and do bounties. The game is beautiful when it is working. Sometime they have a bad patch and we give the game a month or so to improve while we play fallout 4 or Valheim together.

I get what you mean, and I’m really looking forward to Starfield too, but it’ll be Fallout in space, a heavy RPG, and I don’t like RPGs very much, where it’s all about XP, hit points, levelling up, loot, etc. couldn’t care less about all that kind of stuff and just use ‘auto level up’ if it’s available!

Starfield is going to be awesome but it’s going to be a linear, led by the nose game with nothing like the freedom of movement and choice that SC has/will have - but then so will Squadron 42, as a single-player space epic gaming experience.

Yeah, I love heavy RPG, more than anything.

I just recently got back into WoW, bored out of my skull with no game, and my son still plays. After 2 weeks I realized…I’m done with MMOs, because I really hate people. Any given person can be great, but people as a group shit all over a game and lower it to it’s least common denominator.

And Starfield won’t be linear, it’s 100% open world, but Fallout wasn’t linear either so yeah, it will be FO4 in space. I put 1100 hours into F04, in numerous play throughs, and will put at least that much into Starfield.

Bottom line, I don’t like being forced to interact with people I don’t want to, and I don’t like being forced into being someone else’s content, and at this point it’s almost a pathological dislike for these things. I play Grounded or Ark with a small group of friends and it’s a blast, but the moment we get on an open server it INSTANTLY becomes a gank fest and I simply despise that at this point in my life.

If I could play SC, build my colony, fly my fleet, do my missions, fight NPCs, and never interact with another human being that I didn’t want to, it would be perfect. That was a promise made in 2012 and had me give CR a lot of money. It was reneged on, after they had my money, and I can’t get that money back. That’s just who I am now.

I hear you, totally, and I’m that person too. Couldn’t agree more with not liking being forced to play with people I don’t want to. My sons are avid gamers and only play MP and gank fests, it’s so alien to me.

If they ever instigate private servers, we could play together!

Honestly that was my dream, an OTG private galaxy, sharing ships, building colonies, and PvE “emergent gameplay”. Welcome to Starfield :slight_smile: And with mods!!! No matter how short Starfield falls from SC, the mod community will fill in the gaps and add more. I’m hoping to hear more about it this week, Bethesda’s doing some teasing. My hopes are unrealistically high for it I’m afraid, and I acknowledge that. Todd’s touched me in bad places in the past, but every thing I consume about the game just makes me want it more. I’m in a toxic, abusive relationship, but I love him!

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Agree totally, my free time tends to lean into binge playing when I get a opportunity as I am usually too busy to put in serious time regularly so drop in drop out works best for me. (By the way I just started playing ESO again as I was bored too, Solo Stamina Templar, WoW got too overplayed to return and enjoy. )

Starfield is haunting my dreams now…well that and Nightingale gives me a little hope as well for some Victorian adventuring with SCIENCE!

Wow lasted a month, then I couldn’t do it anymore. Now I’m in Mechwarrior 5, apparently there were a bunch of DLCs since I last played, enjoying them. Then Harry Potter, then Last of Us, Jedi Survivor, and that brings me to April. In the next month or so we are getting a formal “event” on Starfield, and Bethesda “promises” that Starfield launches before July, if only because MS/XBox/Bethesda did a showcase last year, in July, and said “everything you see here launches within the next 12 months”. For what that’s worth.

But yes, my dreams are also filled with Starfield.

That’s funny, I did the reverse I player Mech 5 and got 90 hours in then switched over to a new pass at fallout new vegas out of nostalgia, then went on to eso as I mentioned, dont know how long it will last tho, seems all too familiar. I really should boot up Mech 5 again… Have you modded it at all? There are some good ones.

Hoping Starfield will be good, we’ll see. If modders are able to do their magic I will be doing that for a while.

Currently back in school and ripping through python and java classes. Not as much time to game, but I get in a game of Rimworld/ Civ when I am able and I have a regular Gloomhaven game going so that is nice.

I check in on Discord far more than the forums. I agree it is just fancy IRC.

Any word on when the new Civ launches? I know it’s in development.