anyone interested or playing the 40 hour demo?

I have been trying out Soulmask. Between this and Enshrouded I have been getting my survival/craft/build gaming on lately. Soulmask certainly is more geared towards teaming up for gameplay and getting that tribe together. Right now it is only regular servers and no private servers so you end up with a bunch of random people. The crafting is decent and in the middle of easy and complex. The combat is so so and nothing special, it is pretty unforgiving early on. The building is the jankiest party right now, building structures has pretty standard options for the genre and try to line up structure parts can be tricky as it doesn’t always work right. I have no idea about the story because it is pretty barebones right now to the point where there isn’t much of a story at all there.

The big drawback right now is the aggressive item decay. It feels like the game will require way too much grinding in order to deal with item decay and fuel consumption of fires and bonfires (needed to slow down or prevent item decay. Also it is waaay to easy for random players to troll people and make it so they can’t set up a bonfire anywhere near their base.

i agree, it is interesting, and has issues. I just started my adventure off the map and got eaten by a big kitty.

You must have started out in some dangerous territory. The most aggressive thing I have encountered so far are bush dogs. The tapirs can be aggressive too if you attack them first. Bow and greatsword for the win! Finally managed to get my bonfire down and I was able to put it right next to my base after clearing some rocks, bushes and trees

I just put the bonfire in my building
I did have to put the bonfire first and build out

I ended up making this two story house/base before I ever put the bonfire down and when I tried to put the bonfire in the house it gave me the whole “too close to enemy bonfire thing”. I was able to find a spot right next to my house that would accept the bonfire placement so I built an addition on the side of my house to contain the bonfire.

@tecknowolf what server are you on? I am on America 1001

America 1003