Dune: Awakening Open World Survival MMO

Here’s one to look forward to and a beta to sign up for…

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Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Yep. Looking forward to this one. Because/Despite/Regardless of the fact it’s a Funcom title :smiley:

They tend to make really cool games, but generally with… Something wrong… We’ll see how this one turns out.

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Funcom’s idea of MMO is a maximum of 40 players per server.

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1st I’ve heard of it. Thanks for sharing. Website is lacking details, but seems like something I may like. Used to play AO & TSW. Have signed up for the beta. Maybe see you there.

I don’t think it’ll be any time soon. Maybe end of next year I bet. Sign up’s for a beta means they got something cooking though right?

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One would hope.

I’d imagine there’s metrics that follow rate of interest to sites, Beta, etc all used to define interest and whether it meets a threshold for proceeding.

Good aspect, it’s not another crowd-funded developer pipedream that drags on, and on, and on, and on, and on… There’s a whip to keep developers on track and return on investment demands. Not so good news - it’s Funcom.
It’s worth the look. I like the premise.


Me too…

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Trailer looks pretty cool! If they take the same approach that Pantheon is taking, could be 10 years before we even see an alpha!

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Ahahahahaha. Also yes.


I’m know im late to this party, but i signed up for the beta when the signups were posted. Big Dune fan so i’ll ever love it or be entirely bummed.

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I know right?!! If they screw this up it’s gonna be a huge disappointment. But I’m hopeful. Even read the first book again. If you’re into it they have a discord where they put a lot of little updates that aren’t on the website. Plus you can see what others are discussing on it. If you care.

I like Funcom games. Age of Conan, Conan Exiles, Secret World, to me they are all good games, and can you name one game that didn’t have issues. One of the best games ever Bloodlines was a mess, and thankfully fans have been working on that for at least a decade.


I played Pong, and there was a certain weirdness if you hit the ball on the top edge of the paddle, it would pick up tremendous speed. :slight_smile:

Even the original Space Invaders had issues. The speed up of the aliens was never intended :smiley:

What? I didn’t know that. Man all the quarters I have spent. WTH! They trip’n!


I remember when Funcom said they would never do another MMO. Yet here they are…

They say there’s a single difference in the plot that splits their world off into a different timeline than the Dune of the books. I have an idea of what that plot point is: Jessica having a daughter as the Bene Gesserit commanded, instead of defying them like she did in the books and having a son for her husband. I just want to get on the record now. Hehe ; )


Trying really hard not set my self up for a major let down. Don’t know how well I’m doing with that.

Looks like they are jumping in on the tails of the new movie out this weekend to do some showcases of the game so far. Should be enlightening.

We are thrilled to announce the debut of our new series of Dune: Awakening Direct showcases, hosted by Soe Gschwind. We’ll be taking the most in-depth look at the game and showing new never-before-seen game footage!