Mortal Online 2

Just curious if anyone is planning on playing MO2?

Not that I’ve heard personally.

Of all the upcoming mmorpgs, this one looks the most interesting to me. I’m an original EQ player, then once the next generation of games came out (EQ2, WoW) I really lost interest in mmos because everything became a theme park. I even tried some of the newer ones, most recently GW2, ESO, and I find that they are all still pretty much the same theme parks. I branched off into multiplayer sandbox survival type games. Now I’m looking at this one pretty regularly as maybe a reason to try another mmo.

I thought about it but I’m not a fan of first person

I played the first one in it’s beginning days and I found it to be pretty boring. I enjoy first person a good deal, but not really a fan of the open PvP full loot mechanics.