Palia interest?

Hi all - I’ve been enjoying Palia and the casual, cozy feel, but haven’t seem much interest from OTG - a couple of folks have been on, but not much activity.
I’m thinking of finding a guild that might have more interest, but before I do I’d like to see if there is any potential for community activities here? There are a few things to do as a group - the latest event (Maji Market) has a great group activity.

Any thoughts?
Rick (Liloo on Paila)

Hello. After checking out Palia, I’m not sure I’m “doing it right”… i’ve caught some fish, some bugs, cut some trees, mined some rocks, built a tent and some storage chests. (Though I think I was supposed to get a housing license or something first, which I don’t think I’ve done.) I haven’t seen any activities at all yet?

It seems like it could be a cool little casual game, but I haven’t found the fun yet. (I would compare it to Free Realms from years back, but the fun activities were obvious and everywhere in that game.)

Do you have any advice for me?

Thats the basics, but you also want to meet and greet all the NPc’s in the world there - as you build relationships with them they give you quests, provide interesting storylines and general laughs. There isn’t much of an arc to follow in the game, its mostly build, fish, hunt, grow and build relationships. That may be too casual for you - it’s perfect for me as I’m getting to that age where I lost that “twitchy” combat feeling :slight_smile:

Ok. I guess I was hoping for it to be more like Free Realms. (Did you play that at all way back whenever it was available?) I was looking for mini games and the like inside of Palia. (Free realms had different mini games inside of it like a tower defense game that I remember playing frequently.)

Maybe they’ll be adding that kind of content? I know Palia is just out of NDA and… is it still in beta… I think?

I never did play FR, but I have always heard good things about it!
Yeh, it leans more toward Animal Crossing/Stardew Valley - There are a few mini-games (Chapa chase in the Maji Market, fishing) but that’s not the main gameplay.
VERY casual.

It’s a decent little cozy game, I played it for a couple weeks but have lost interest in it, not for me long term.

Couple of us are on almost every night from 9pm EST until 12am EST. Wednesdays are hit and miss as I take that night off usually from playing games.
I’m not sure if OTG has a discord voice channel setup or not but we can always move over and find some channel to use to make grouping easier if anyone wishes to join us. There are some parts of the event that require a group to finish.

Benwin (Palia char name Leala)

Hi just wondering if anyone is still playing and if the lag/crashing problems are any better than at the start.

Adventria (char name Shaka)

I only crashed once. Seemed ok, sometimes there was a small lag spike but nothing major.

I gave up on the game when I reached that stupid “It takes a village” quest. A totally unnecessarily long winded and annoying quest that just stopped all the fun in it’s tracks as far as I was concerned. There’s challenge and then there’s frustrating and this is way beyond being challenging. I take my hat off to anyone who has the tenacity and patience to complete this.

Found a good comprehensive single page list of guides for the game. Thought you guys might find it useful.