Pax Dei


didn’t seen any posts on this new promising MMO, who is NOT asking for backers… I will quell my optimism after decades of disappointment, but we will see! Pax Dei, new medieval MMO, will blend elements of Rust with Eve Online - Polygon


I watched the trailer yesterday. Looked really nice. Is this game on the Unreal 5 engine?

Been watching this one too. Really excited to see how it continues development.

Pax Dei - Social Sandbox MMO (

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Game seems interesting. I hope it ends up being good as it sounds like it would be nice to play.
Only issue I can see is after signing up for the alpha, in the TOS it states that you will be able to buy items in game with either game money or real world money. So I’m kind of iffy on that one. I guess it depends on how they implement it.

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Yep. Developed in UE5.

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I’m definitely following this one.

Well, I signed up for Alpha. Here’s hoping I can get in.

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Signed up for alpha aswell.

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Eeh, yeah I hope that’s extremely minimal. Either way, I signed up for the Alpha as well. Looks very interesting. We’ll see.

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This sounds like a cool idea, but also sounds overly ambitious so I hope they can realize their vision. Either way, I signed up for the alpha.