READ ME - Joining the Star Citizen in game Organization for OTG

If you are interested in joining the in game organization Old Timers Guild and would like to be invited, here is what you need to do:

First be sure that you understand the organization you are joining.
OTG is a “white knight” organization. We do not condone piracy or unwanted PvP. Keep in mind, this is for the in game organization. You can still be a member of the OTG guild and use this forum and coordinate with other players here as long as you follow the CoC of OTG regardless of your play style. But the in game organization is strictly UEE friendly, non-piracy.

Currently the in game org is little more than a forum tag since there is very little support for organizations in the game or on the website. But in time we expect that to change and grow.

Right now we use the org as a means to share information, coordinate events from time to time and even participate in some sponsored contests where we award prizes. As the game continues to develop we will begin organizing members into groups according to their play style and favored role . This will not only allow us to pool all of our knowledge about a specific profession, but also combine professions where necessary to be most efficient and effective. For instance, having a group of miners, an group of cargo haulers and a squadron of combat pilots that work together in their groups will help them all be better at their tasks, but also combining those groups to complete tasks will be advantageous to everyone. Miners can be escorted by the combat pilots who also escort the cargo haulers bringing the raw materials back for sale, etc.

"So enough already, how do I join? "
First, be sure you are a member in good standing here on these forums. Then, simply submit an application to join on the RSI website and reply to this post with your RSI handle. Typically within a couple of days, sometimes as much as a week, someone will process your application and get you invited.

It is just that simple.

Welcome to Star Citizen, we look forward to seeing you in the verse!


angrybee is my RSI handle. For some reason I thought it was fargo1019, but it isn’t. Sorry. Post edited.

Just bought access to the game and would like to join.

RSI should be either Tasiel or Tasiel50

Looking forward to flying with you.

Been out of town for a couple of days, but I will get into the RSI site today and get you invited.

Welcome aboard

just applied on rsi handle name is tacoartist
see you in the verse

all invited up to here

Just applied on OTG. Looking forward to hearing back. Handle on Star Citizen is Duumahnu if I get accepted. Been playing Star for just about a month. Been watching and researching for about 2 months. Lot to learn, but getting better every day.

Duum (Doom)

I am in! Now it is a party!

Roger that, invite incoming.

RSI handle………Sinfjotli

accepted invite

All done to here

Hello my handle is DocBox in Starcitizen and would like to be invite to the org.

I will have an invite for you shortly DocBox

done, you are in

Thank you I will check it shortly.

Yes, I am now in the org. for Starcitizen. Thank you.

looking to join the Star Citizen chapter. My SC handle is Mr.Echo.

I know it said the discord link is timed, but i think it was only a minute or two, but it seems that was too long because it says the link was expired or invalid.

HI, i am looking to join the OTG guild in Star Citizen. As Alpha 3.7 is getting fairly playable its about time i found some like mined people to actually play this with.


RSI Handle - Lode_Runner



Im a OTG member looking to join the Star Citizen Chapter, Gamer tag is ZCoL