Nightinggale in 1 month

So as of right now we have just iver 1 month until the EA release of Nightingale. It appears as if private servers will not be available at launch. Do we have someone planning to be in charge of an OTG guild and server as of yet?

It’s a classic survival game, so there’s no OTG Guild or anything like that. Anyone can make a dedicated server if that’s a possibility.

Due to the way these games are structured, it’s almost impossible to create “An OTG Guild”.

We will see about servers when Early Access actually arrives, but generally there are a few people that set up servers for OTG & Friends (myself included), but there’s not a lot we can do officially as OTG with that. Also because generally the interest in these games is relatively small, and falls off quickly.

yup. we’re always on the lookout for the next new hotness! :slight_smile:

When i was looking into it (as i planned to host my own server for my game group) they specifically said the game is intended to be played on official servers and that at launch they dont plan to allow private servers.

Thats where my thought that if its only online official servers then we would probably be looking into having people attempt to be together.

Was curious if anyone that is say “game master” or whatever who was planning to coordinate for the game group.

For Early Access games that would be me, technically :slight_smile: And as I said, we’ll look into it when the game releases, but if it’s only Official servers, then I don’t expect there to be a lot of people that would want to play.

A lot of bad experiences with survival games and official servers.

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too much pvp crap…lol

Ok well if they do let people host private servers, i intend to run one. I will come back and update this if i remember if people would want to join. Sadly i dont have the income to host like a 99 player server or something crazy, but i usually try to maintain a server large enough for whoever messages me about survival games to be online at once.

Looking forward to playing this and would happily chip in for a server if there is enough interest.

As i said, when we have more information i will try to judge interest and see how it is looking from there. Worst case with a private server there will be space for a few people no matter what if they are interested. If its more like new world and official servers only, my group may or may not try to join wherever otg is at just depending on how schedules line up.

I am interested in this one as well, but only if it has the option for private servers or at the very least PvE official servers. Didn’t get an invite to the stress test so I guess I am waiting to see what it is like.

So the stress test had some issues. They posted on discord it was open to everyone, but unclear on directions if you were already signed up. You had to reload your steam if you didnt just see it. Ive been talking to devs this morning and they said that there will be no private servers but you can share an always online dedicated server with up to 6 people. After that they said you can link servers with other via a gateway to make it like neighboring villages. We shall see more in a few weeks.

Also confirmation now that you can create solo instances.

wow, didn’t have this on my radar. Looks awesome, will see where things go with the guild and this game

Played for a few hours Yesterday. What a fun game! Strong Valhiem feel but just better.

Yeah. My wife and I have about 7 or 8 hours in so far. We have encountered very few bugs or issues. My only complaint has been with character creation because nobody can say male or female anymore. So the voice options were voice 1 or voice 2. I chose the “ugh” of voice 2. Now everything i do sounds like a girl in game, but i dont want to have to redo the tutorial and relink with my wife to change it. Its minor, but irritates me when i take fall damage lol.


I started mine over since now that I knew some things, I wanted to begin fresh. I got locked up on the final biome in the tutorial before you walk through the portal after your fight the minions coming out of the portal. The portal never finished materializing and a quick search showed this was a known bug with no remedy other than to delete the character and start over.

Oh well, I am now reestablished on my new biome and just experienced my first death in a dungeon.

I’m sure your wife gets a good laugh out of that though. You sounding like a girl :slight_smile:

But yeah, the character creation isn’t very good. They all got hit with the ugly stick, and the only way to get mostly human looking characters is by fiddling a lot with the parental lines.

I as well am thinking of starting over like Bigred :smiley: