The skinny on Tarisland

Tarisland (a chinese wow clone) is in closed beta test.

if you want to check it out launcher download is here ->[(}

Once you have downloaded the launcher you can create an account and login and play. You Can create your account right in the launcher so they make is easy to setup your account.

Some PTW controversy were introduced in this closed beta test cycle information here → Reviewer discussing new PTW mechanics ingame

tarisland discord can be found here → Tarisland Discord

Tarisland website here → Tarisland Website

I am not endorsing this game but I’m betting if a flood of OTGers come in and tell them to delete the P2W mechanics they PROMISED the game would not have we might yet save this game from the trash bin. The thing is is it worth it to try and is this game worth saving??

You dear reader must be the judge of that…

here is another greater breakdown of the PTW mechanics for Tarisland

see here →

I’m keeping a close eye on this one for sure. We’ll definitely check it out!

Their marketing department did not handle that well, but I don’t see the big deal if ptw is only for items and doesn’t block content. It is a free game, after all, and seems decent quality, so I don’t mind the company making money. :slight_smile:

Global release date > 6-21-24

WoW-Like MMORPG Tarisland Confirms Global Release And Pre-Season On June 21 -

Will OTG have an official presence there?