Interest in grouping up for the Overdrive Initiative?

Looks like the current missions to get the F7A MkII token are made much easier if you run them in a group and the next steps that were leaked look to continue that trend. Is anyone looking to group up to get the first five missions completed? Then hopefully continue run the remaining missions as they are released. If so, I’d be interested in joining.

You might want to check out the Star Citizen channel on Discord, it looks like people are arranging to group up on there. Like most things, people seem to prefer the discord channels to posting here on the forums lately.


Thanks for the heads up, I’ll take a look at discord.

I might be interested. I’ll check discord later today.

Hello all. Phase two of the overdrive event is almost out. I have helped 4 of our OTG brothers finish phase one so far and I’ll be glad to help you guys too. With phase two starting tomorrow we will be focused on completing that ASAP, but fear not. You can still complete any previous phase of the event any week after it came out, up to the final culmination of the event.

I’m Vusion on discord and am almost always chilling in the rdr2 channel with other OTG friends. Please come visit me anytime you see me there and we can knock out your missions lickety split.

At this moment I am on call with work and have not been able to be on very much, but my call week completes 8am in the morning. Tomorrow night/afternoon I’ll be in the channel and in game on star citizen.

If you don’t see me in the channel look for a Poboy77, he has been playing Star Citizen a ton with me and knows what’s up. I’m sure he will be glad to help you too. He’s a good dude.

Send me a friend invite in Star Citizen when you get a chance, to make our grouping quicker and easier. In game handle is Vusion.

Hey Vusion, thanks for the offer, I’d love to group up to get phase one completed (as well as the rest). I tried it with some randoms the other night, but they were no shows after I waited at the first bunker for far too long (they kept getting DC’d). I’ll send you a friend request the next time I’m in-game and hopefully we can link up.

Sounds good bud

Sounds good. If we can get a bunch of us together, that would be cool. Just be warned in advance - my ground skills are a bit … unpolished … to say the least :smiley: