OTG's Plans For Supporting The Forthcoming Fresh Start Servers

We are excited to share some of the details that we have been working on to attempt to provide and support an official OTG presence on one of the New World “Fresh Start” servers that will be released on November 2nd.

We are forging ahead with something new but are also familiar with this effort. We are going to approach this similarly to what we did in “Lost Ark”. We will initially create an OTG company on the Fresh Start server that either @Sonickat (NW XO) or myself will govern, for now.

We are actively looking for interested individuals who plan to make Fresh Start their new home and who would be willing to help us handle invites on the Fresh Start server. These NCOs will serve as the point persons for the chapter and can go through myself or Sonickat with questions, concerns, etc.

We are planning to create limited fresh-start Discord channels to help keep conversations appropriately organized and we will be updating pinned information on Discord and chapter information on the forums to corroborate these changes.

Looking ahead, sometime after thirty days we will see where we are in regards to interest and then at that point decide on the possibility of making the “Fresh Start” presence into its own NW sub-chapter, similar to how WoW/WoW Classic is laid out.

We think this “casual, laid-back company” plan gives OTG members a place to commiserate and the necessary support and tools to do so while allowing us to gauge the long-term potential for this Fresh Start presence.

@Kelryth has already volunteered to be an NCO. Thanks, Kel! We could use one or two more. If you are so inclined let me or Sonickat know.

Thanks for your patience and we will see you in the “Fresh” New World!


When will Fresh Start servers be available?

AGS announced on 10/6/2022 that they will release Fresh Start servers on November 2nd. More details are expected to be released soon™.

What is planned for the current companies on Orefena?

The existing companies and leadership will remain intact and plans to continue to remain active in New World. The Fresh Start presence is meant to service those individuals whom have indicated they would prefer a fresh start on one of the newly announced fresh start servers. The plan is for the existing community to continue to be fully supported by OTG and it’s current NW staff.

Which fresh start server will we be on?

AGS has not yet released the actual server plans for fresh start. All we know right now is there will be one per region at least. The ability to join our OTG presence on fresh start may be contingent on being able to be online and create a character on a specific server on NOV 2nd before it becomes full and locked. We hope AGS doesn’t approach this as a open more as the planned servers become full but that is how they have handled server expansion the last few months. We encourage you to make personal preparations to ensure your able to join us if this is how AGS proceeds.



Glad to be of service.

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I’m sure I’ll give it a shot. No idea if it’ll stick longterm for me or not but I intend to give it a go.

This is great news! I’m definitely glad to hear this is being organized.

Keeping my peepers hooked here for more info as it becomes available. :eyes:

Thanks to everyone who is helping get this involved!

Happy to hear you guys will have a presence. My husband and I are just joining New World now and we can’t get onto the existing OTG server, so this is a chance for us to be with you all in this game.


Looking to jump in on the Fresh Start servers with OTG!

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Any word yet on how many servers or what tie they’ll be open for character creation? With November 2nd being a Wednesday and a workday for many i can easily see everyone not being able to make a character before servers fill up if we cant make them in advance

Doubt i’ll get a response from a dev but you never know.

Those are great ideas. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Assuming you don’t get a response and for people who may not know this. Names are globally unique. While you can’t reserve space on a server without logging in and creating the character. You can reserve a name quite easily.

Make a character with that name on any server - names are globally unique and reserved to an account.

You can go back and delete that character and the name is reserved for you to reuse immediatley but wont be available to anyone else for a number of days. I can’t remember how long it is, they announced it once but its more than enough time to delete the character and recreate it on a new server with the same name.

Companies work the same way. Globally unique and when you change from a company name only the person who was govenor when it was changed can reuse that name for a period of time.

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Thanks, I did not know that.
On another note: any idea about when we will know server names for FS?

I’m contemplating coming back for the Fresh Start servers, just need to see where I am at lifestyle-wise near the end of October.

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I am coming back for New World fresh start, I have been dabbling on the new servers that just came out recently(the two unlocked ones on NA east).

I am not sure how long I will play.

But I will be around for at least 3 months and could serve as NCO Invite Officer if that is still needed @Sonickat .

I have done this exact thing before, think I did it in star wars galaxies, not to date my otg’ness hehe. I joined in Age of Conan so know the old ropes, the new ropes and most of the ropes inbetween. I haven’t been to active as i wasn’t playing any mmo’s or games for awhile, but for invites I can do that for a time.


thinking on my options.
Thank you for updates

You’re in! You’d be the third!


I’ll probably roll on the fresh start server, but Ben will attest that I am useless.



I am looking forward to fresh start as well.

Definitely want to give it a go.