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Welcome to the Admin Team

A long time member of the community and the previous CL for General Games, Benbrada has been promoted to the Administration team. He has taken over the responsibiliites that Cefweyn oversaw in serving as Administrator to General Games and New World. Cefweyn is still involved with OTG and is still and Administrator but will be taking over a different role in the community.

Benrbada is the newest OTG administrator


Welcome to the New World Team

Cruman and Azaghael have been promoted to NCO. They have volinteered to help us keep up with the influx of invite requests we are seeing as we near the upcoming Brimstone Sands update.

Brimstone Sands “Expansion” Update

In case you have been living under a rock for the last month the biggest thing since sliced bread in New World is right around the corner. AGS is working on rolling out a multi phased testing phase on PTR that includes the much anticipated addition of the Brimstone Sands territory.

What we know right now is that the level cap and gear score cap are staying where they are, at least for now. Brimestone Sands is roughly twice if not three times the size of some of the existing territories. It will be player controllable and having been on PTR myself I can say that the landscape is gorgeous.

This update will also bring some other long anticipated game features such as: a new weapon the Greatsword, a new gem system called Runeglass that adds another layer of complexity and power to gems choices, legendary bags with new perks that can extend the duration of consumables, a new Expedition the Ennead, and more.

Keep an eye on the PTR forums for more advanced details of the upcoming “expansion.”

Major Game Mechanic Change Coming to Expeditions

We’ve all become accustomed to worrying about which weapons we choose to take into expeditions. This weapon type’s damage deals more damage to this creature type so we want to use that, but this type deals less so we want to avoid that. On PTR right now, the damage resistance that enemies have has been removed. Unless an AFFIX applies resistance to an enemy, a weapon will no longer have a damage penalty against a certain creature type. Bonus damage still exists, so there are still weapons that will perform better than others but, every weapon now performs at least at neutral damage to enemies in most situations.

Fresh Start Servers

A couple of weeks after the Brimstone Sands update makes it’s way onto live servers AGS has announced they will launch a series of “Fresh Start” servers. These servers, available on November 2nd, will be pristine new servers and will not allow players to transfer existing wealth or progress from existing live servers. You will need to start from scratch, another bum on the beach, and reforge your path towards becoming a warden.

Our team in New World is working to stand up a presence on this new Fresh Start server and we will be reviewing the presence after thirty days to determine the potential of a sub-chapter scenario similar to WoW/WoW Classic. It will all depend on our members both in terms of interest in sustaining their presence there and having individuals from that group whom are willing and capable to hold leadership responsibilities and serve that segment of our membership.

Full details and past discussions can be found in the following forum threads:
Plans for Supporting Fresh Start
Fresh Start Data Collection
NW Opening New Servers

Phase One Fresh Start Needs You

We could really use at least one or two individuals comfortable with being someone we can entrust with invite Privieges on the Fresh Start server. Interested parties will need to follow established procedure and will be responsible for checking for invite requests regularly in Discord as well as handling inviting members in-game. If you can help with this please contact Benbrada or Sonickat.

Activity Organizers Welcome and Wanted

As a friendly reminder, here in OTG the staff are more here for administrative tasks to keep the guild running on a day to day basis. While members of staff may and often do take it upon themselves to organize activities, it is really a factor of passionate players finding things they enjoy doing and organizing those activities and sharing their passion with our community.

Each and everyone has the authority, power, and ability to dream up, introduce and execute infrequent or regularly occuring events and promote them within our community. We the staff are here to ensure you have the tools and support you need to make your events a success.

The only limitations that are ever placed is that activities promoted within our community must adhere to our community guidelines and codes of conduct and speaking as someone who has organized events here for awhile in OTG, that’s a pretty flexible standard.

If you have a passion and see a need please don’t hestiate to share it with us all!


Your source for small easily digestible nuggets of knowledge provided by members from our community!

Hypocratic Oath

Healing Tip

An often overlooked component of the Life Staff is it’s robust application of Fortification. When you watch videos and you see healers standing in or near melee, this isn’t because of the healing from the circle as much as it is to ensure they get their own fortifications that are applied by Sacred Ground and Orb of Protection. Especially for non heavy wearing combatants, fortify is a very significant component of a player’s survivability. Wither you are healing or performing another role, even when you don’t need health it is a good idea to roll through the sacred ground circles just to pickup the fortification buff.

The Frontline

Tanking Tip

Legendary shields offer a fourth perk and are relatively inexpensive to craft all things considered. In many instances that fourth perk can potentially be as valuable as a 5% damage reduction depending on how lucky you are. Legendary shields are crafted using the runic stopwatch which is a BOP item crafted at the stonecutting table. Visit your local guild weaponsmith for help and information about legendary shields.

The Honing Stone


Your armor weight and CON are both difficulty sliders for how survivable you are as a DPS. The more skilled you are and the better you get at mechanics and staying alive, the more damage you can do however, a Dead DPS doesn’t do damage. If you die a lot put more CON into your build. If your at 200 already, consider upgrading your armor to a heavier weight. If your not dying at all and you have more than 50 CON in your current armor weight, do the opposite take some out. The goal is to find an equilibrium where your not actually respawning from deaths and can stay alive while doing the most dps. There is no right answer that is the same for every player.


Economic Tip

You only get 3g for salvaging an item. Especially right now when there are so many new people returning to the game most items will sell if you list them at the right price. Consider selling items with 2 good perks for a few hundred gold each. That money adds up quickly. To that end, don’t forget a lot of people will be leveling again from lower levels even on existing servers. Items that would be good at max level even if they are lower level items are worth something. They will sell and probably for more than you expect. Consider listing those items for a week and you can likely get at least a few thousand gold for them. People have a lot more money leveling now than we did at launch.


Mutation Tip

Most mutation mechanics fall into two categories: Affixes and Lair Effects. Affixes are tags applied to enemies in the instance, denoted by a word below their name such as “Explosive” while lair effects are things that happen on a schedule throughout the expedition. Affixes are not applied to bosses in expeditions. This means that on boss fights, other than lair effects, many of the mutation’s various effects do not come into play. Of significant note is the effect that causes enemies to deal half their damage as a certain magic type. A boss like cilla, that on regular you would tank in onyx to resist her physical damage, in mutators is still doing full physical damage and the mutation specific gems you put in aren’t helping you mitigate those physical attacks. This is a minute detail that as a tank you need to know and be aware of. Is is viable to level and carry a special physical gemmed set for her? Does your group have time for you to swap into and out of that set? These are options many players may not be aware they have that can make mutators easier.

By: Attributed to discussions on M10 Runners Discord


New Player Tip

Leverage the town boards for leveling professions and also leveling your combat level. For professions grab the crafting missions for Armor smithing and Weapon smithing and complete them when you can. Their a chunk of XP and more crafting XP per material than just grinding random crafting recipes. Additionally, grab every single solitary kill mission you can, travel around from town to town grabbing them. You don’t have to complete them in the territory you grabbed them. Focus on completing the creature types that you have multiple of and you can get multiple quests done with the same creature kills being far more efficient with your time. To make this more effective be sure to travel to every zone you can feasibly get to so you have the fast travel to move between them!

By: Aggregate Tip from Multiple Contributors


Each newsletter we spend some quality time interviewing and getting to know an active member of our community better. We ask them a series of questions and hope for some insightful yet funny responses! This month our spotlight shines on Benbrada our new New World Admin.

Benbrada originally goind OTG back in April of 2012 and has been a member of our community for over ten years. He previously before becoming our Admin served as the chapter leader for General Games overseeing all the various presences of OTG across a large offering of different games.

Which store would you like to max-out your credit card?

Probably Graham Crackers Comics back in Illinois where I moved from or any other comic book store here in North Carolina.

What was your favorite TV show when growing up?

I was a 70s child growing up so it’d definitely have to be the Six Million Dollar Man. I even think I got the Steve Austin action figure for Christmas one year. I even loved the Bionic Woman and had a childhood crush on Lindsey Wagner.

Choose a Movie Title for the Story of Your Life

“Do The Right Thing”. I’ve always gone out of my way to help others and be the proverbial “Boy Scout” (and that’s aside from having been a registered Scout leader for 21 years). I came from a broken household and an alcoholic mother who married 4 times but I never felt like the world “owed me” anything.

What was your favorite toy as a kid?

Probably talking GI Joe. The large action figure with the dog tag that you pulled and said such things as “Enemy planes! Hit the deck!”

What is the oldest pair of shoes in your closet?

LOL. A pair of dress shoes I don’t wear as often other than to funerals and wakes.

Can you play an instrument?

Not really, even though I am a music aficionado. I’m co-owner and co-run an online Classic Heavy Metal radio station that streams out of Oslo, Norway. I dabbled on the bass guitar when I was younger but it required more practice than I could commit to, especially coming from a home life that I wanted to escape from mostly. My longtime and high school friend who played guitar taught me how to “hear” music. I can focus on just the guitar, bass, or drums for example.

What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator?

Nothing more than 3 days old, my wife makes sure of that :slight_smile:

What is the nerdiest thing you do in your spare time?

LOL Where do I begin? Music fan (I own 800 vinyl LPs, 3,000 CDs, 100 cassette tapes, and 50 45 RPMs). Comic Book lover and active reader (I still subscribe to weekly books from my store in Illinois, about 20 titles a week. I currently own 24,500 comic books). Comic Books bled into collecting Funko Pops too. Star Wars fan (watch the movies & shows, buy action figures, and leave them boxed, read the books). I also write game reviews for and at one time

What is your favorite cereal?

Count Chocula, Boo Berry, AND Frankenberry!

What if anything have you re gifted?

A bottle of Jack Daniels because I ended up getting so many as gifts for my 60th birthday LOL More than I can socially drink sometimes.

What is the worst punishment you received at school.

I was often teased during my freshman through junior years at high school. I was 6’5 and only 160 pounds so I was pretty thin. And then Senior year everyone around me grew up and we got along great!

What is the strangest talent you have?

I can bend my pinky into my fist and wiggle it. Make it look like a small penis when placed on my groin LOL. Believe me, my high school friends still get a kick out of this!

What was your childhood nickname?

“Bo”. My last name is “Jeslis” so the jocks in high school would start calling me “Jes” and then a basketball player one day said in the locker room, “like the movie The Last Remake of Beau Geste?” so the “Bo” part stuck. My five high school friends, I hang with still call me that as does my sister-in-law (who I knew in high school before she married my brother).

Do you have any phobias?

Not per se. I’m not a big fan of snakes.

What, or who, are you a “closest” fan of?

I assumed this was supposed to say “closet” LOL. Early Madonna music. “True Blue” is an amazingly great produced album. I also love the track “Borderline”.

What are three things left on your bucket list?

  1. Visit Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (comic book store) in Jersey. Home of Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men.

  2. Make it to either the San-Diego Comic Con OR Star Wars Convention.

  3. Live long enough so that all 6 of my grandsons (+ one coming) remember who I am.

If you could have any superpower, which would you choose?

Super-speed since I’m always semi-late to places.

Worst pet you ever owned

My kids had hamsters for awhile and they always broke free. I’d be in my office late at night playing games on the computer and I’d see something scurry by out of my peripheral vision.


Its time for another giveaway! With Brimstone Sands launching on the 18th, this giveaway will be open to all players with a character on Orefena. After Brimstone Sands launches visit our forums and tell us what you are enjoying most about the newest update. Post in the give away thread and enter to win one of four 25k gold prizes. Start off the new expansion with enough gold to buy your very own home in the new territory!

EDITS Fixed freudian typos calling Brimstone Sands, Burning Sands.

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