Discussion: New World Opening New Servers - September 2022

[Notice] Adding Additional Servers to Central EU, US-East, and South America

Please note that at this time there are no current plans to transfer servers.

Please use this thread to contribute any input or suggestions you might have as it may apply to OTG pertaining to this announcement and or the recent que times.

For context of this discussion this last weekend que times reached as high as an hour and a half to get into the game on Orefena. Something that had been picking up steam for weeks since the last round of mergers right before the summer event was released. Subsequent information about the upcoming new zone being released, a 50% off Steam Sale and the holiday weekend have driven interest in the game again.

At the very least this is something to keep an eye on and collect feedback on from membership.

As long as there is no faction change, i am ok with a server move if the guild decides to do that. My vote would be ‘wait and see’ to move to a new server to see if enough population on orofena leaves to relieve the queues. I finally got into the game just now after a 30+ minute queue that i was forced to join after a DC.

I’m a ‘wait and see’ as well. No major rush.
Thank you for the post Sonickat

My vote would be to give it a couple of weeks since they are not giving out transfer tokens. If queue times remain above 15m past that period of time, my vote would be to transfer. I would imagine that most folks have enough gold to buy the token themselves, and if not, we can pull resources to get tokens for those that don’t.

I would prefer to not move. This situation was caused by a lack of foresight on AGS’s part. They merged together probably 10-12,000 characters onto a single server; most of them dormant. Their goal was to get those people and other new players to join the game. They were actually successful, at least for a brief period (jury is still out longer term). I would find it annoying to have to pay $15 to solve AGS’s problem for them.

Having said that, I really like this guild. I think my chances of finding another compatible guild in the near future are about nil. If the guild has a strong desire to move, I believe I would probably suck it up and go with y’all. :wink:


Thanks for the feedback. Right now, I am just trying to aggregate and collect feedback.

The ques have almost everyone a bit flustered and I wanted to give folks a place to vent constructively so that everyone felt heard if they felt inclined.

I am definitely on the “Wait and see” side. I would have a strong preference not to move, since I have made other friends outside the guild (mostly F word geeks like me). That been said, I am an OTG person all the way, and would move if the guild decided it was best.

The one time I have heard it discussed in the lobby, everybody there was strongly against a server move.

I wonder how transfers work for individuals with two characters on the same world. I bet only one charater could be transfered.

I have no preference on staying put or moving. To me, a server is a server. At some point in every MMO I’ve waited in a queue, eventually the times got better.

I am ok with a wait and see approach. I am also fine with moving. Hopefully, a bunch of other people will leave when the new servers open up. The que times have basically destroyed my ability to play the last week or so. Several times I have waited over an hour to get in only to have the game kick me and have to start over.

If we move I’ll rage quit then slander all those involved far and wide!

Alright, fine, I’m fine where we’re at, also fine with moving whenever but I’d probably do what I did the first time we moved and that’s create a new toon at the new place, which is fine.

You are still behind from the last time you did that!

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I just started a couple of weeks ago after playing to 60 in alpha. 42 now and I’ll follow the guild where it goes. The wait and see would be my choice. My plan to wait for them to work out bugs has paid off pretty well as most of the issues I sent them during alpha have been addressed pretty well. Towns that have all their crafting stations at max is nice and would be a pain to deal with on a new server. Once the expansion drops I think queues will be an issue no matter where we are until things stabilize.

Wondering how long they will go before they do a bunch of fresh start servers or re release like ff14. I think it is something they will look at when they get the game and systems in a good spot. Server population will always be a thorn in their side with out some drastic changes imo.


This is from a few days ago, speculation is it’s not related to the servers they are standing up right now.

I don’t personally see an appeal of a fresh start server. The folks that quit because of the grind, it’s still there and there is no indication it’s going away. A lot of the folks on the forums seem to think that if they release fresh start servers they will be dead in a few months as the folks returning will just quit again when they realize the fundamental things they didn’t like haven’t really changed.

I’m optimistic that this round of players coming in that are new, are more PVE leaning and coming for the development that has taken place in that side of the game.

The other thing I see a lot of requests for are strict PVP servers. Someone shared a developer post from awhile ago where they said they essentially have no plans to do that because they think it would force them to split development resources on maintaining two different code bases and they don’t want to do that.



(and well, starting out, me and a crew of IRL friends were rogue from OTG just wandering around like drunk toddlers…that probably as much to do with the lack of progression as anything else…and I’m just lazy :smiley: )

I can see how being a drunk toddler can be a problem, it’s amazing Dame puts up with you at work.

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Fortunately (or not?) I’m occasionally competent at the work things. :wink:

As someone considering coming back, along with other folks from our Sinners and Saints group, fresh start servers have some appeal. Since we’ve been gone for 9 months, I like the idea of coming back and starting on a server where the playing field is even, and the land isn’t all controlled or monopoliozed. I don’t have grandios plans of taking over a territory, but I do like the idea of Factions cooperating together to claim some land that might otherwise be controlled by large, established guilds or groups.

Fresh start servers would be an opportunity to experience all the changes that have come out in the last 9 months we’ve been gone, especially things like (hopefully) fixes to PvP exploits or item duping that contributed to us leaving in the first place.

If OTG were to roll on an ‘unofficial’ fresh start server, I know me and our S&S group would be even that much more interested in it.

My two cents. :cowboy_hat_face:

@Benbrada I think @EvilPeppard just volunteered to be the CL of a new NW FS Chapter.