Discussion: New World Opening New Servers - September 2022

Not this time around, sorry. :cowboy_hat_face:

Yeah I had similar feelings for WoW Classic too, but alias OTG doesn’t support it.

You can always start an unofficial, non-OTG supported, non-OTG named clan and talk about it here. We’ve done that for several mobile games.

Sounds legit. :+1:

Wow classic has it’s own channel and staff, why wouldn’t that paradigm work for different servers in any game so long as the admin in charge of that specific game chose to support that?

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting on a Fresh Start server given word is the experience is very different leveling up, etc. It would be nice to have a target server that other OTG’ers would look to inhabit if they wanted to dip their toes in the new experience as well.

Info from the PTR suggests leveling up now is much faster. :+1:

As soon as they announce the new Fresh Start servers and server names, we’ll be able to make a more informed decision.

I would expect fresh start servers to be released with or after the starting area redesign. I have not seen anything to indicate that we should expect a staggered roll out of what is on ptr. It will be interesting to see if they release that stuff earlier or wait til end of october.

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Based on videos I’ve recently seen, there is a lot of speculation, and that is exactly what it is, speculation, that Fresh Starts will roll out around two weeks before Brimstone Sands. Brimstone Sands is speculated to release on October 18th along with the Helloween event. :jack_o_lantern:

Again, all speculation, but reasonable speculation.

I’d say we have 6 folks from our Sinners and Saints group interested in coming back on Fresh Start for Brimstone Sands.

The plus for fresh start is all the duped stuff will be gone. They are still a ways from being in a good place so taking your time leveling and having fun would give them time to be in a good place.

I started over in atlas many times. Even started over in EQ a few times. This would be nothing. =p

Yeah, the item duping and PvP exploits back when we played at launch were really disappointing. I will be glad to see that gone, for sure.

A possible downside to fresh start servers…They may be dominated by streamers trying to make a buck and they will bail, because that is what most big streamers do and the servers will be empty again. Maybe they will pass though. Who knows.

The recent dupe/exploit again doesn’t instill confidence one way or another on a greener pasture with a fresh start. If anything, it’ll probably lead to more people seeking those sorts of things agian.

I’m @ Amarah(US East). Just got the game a few days ago. I like it so far. Have seen a few bots & players w streamer or twitch references put into the name (company name?). But I solo PVE a lot so I think they just go to the PVP fort caps for that.