Wolcen Lords of Mayham

Anyone playing online mode? Was just wondering how it was, is it like Path of Exile? Also, I know launch day they had server problems, has that gotten better? I have been playing offline and really enjoying the game now. I bought it during early access and I must say I am impressed with the work they have done and the final results.

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I just picked this up ysterday and the servers have been offline since then. Per their Twitter from two hours ago they are still working on the servers and they are stll down with no ETA. Not a very good showing for this game coming out of early access. But I am enjoying it offline for now, I won’t be rage refunding it like some have expressed on forums and Steam discussions.

Haven’t installed the final version yet. Supported them with a $25 dollar pledge back during the Kickstarter event. Tried it out twice over the years never went beyound the first couple zones to keep it fresh for when it did arrive. Gonna check out a couple youtube channels to see what it’s become.

I’ll be curious to hear your thoughts on it as I’m considering purchasing it.

I em enjoying the the game wish they had the Online mode working so I could play with friends but playing offline and enjoying it .

If anyone wants to do a static co-op group thing I can be available Monday-Wednesday evenings and Saturday anytime.

Their Twitter is saying servers will be up tomorrow in about 10-12 hours. If hey can meet that estimation.

Just finished chapter 1 and I am really enjoying it. To me it seems like a mixture between D3 and PoE if you like those style of games. I still have not tried the online mode so can not speak about that.

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I am playing offline as well.

I’ve had it a couple years - early beta purchase, played off/on. Did chapter 1 in December (as far as you could go back then). The game has a lot I like and the UI has definitely improved with Live.

I plan to play it to the end - not sure if it will grab me past that like D3 did for a while or POE has since beta.

Worth buying IMO. Really well done graphics - the cut scenes are decent - and skipable which is awesome when replaying an area on a new char.

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I picked this up as well. I’ve played a bit offline and like it. I’m waiting until the servers are fixed and stable before putting more time in with an online character.

I’m playing online today after having finished the campaign offline this weekend.


[Edit] F**k! My unkillable character died whilst I was alt-tabbed out posting this.

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Still enjoying the game, gonna finish the campaign offline before moving online. I hate the pointer in the game though, it is small and white and likes to get lost in the environments because it is so damned hard to keep track of. Really need some pointer options to make it bigger, or a different color or outlines or something…anything.

I’ve been playing it nonstop since release. Yes they had problems between their servers and Steam’s but that seems to have been solved. It’s a bit slow to login at times since over 50k people are trying to play at once. The game is FANTASTIC, the campaign is amazing. You build your character without limits. Tons of fun and there is a whole different game once the campaign is done. I haven’t had this much fun with an ARPG since Diablo 2. I would give it 4 out of 5 stars just because of the launch debacle, but if I were starting today it would be 5/5.


I tried it to play last night. I should know better by now than to jump in a new to online game company. Took a long time to get onto the server. When I finally did get on the killer lag was really bad. Boss killing was almost impossible. Gave up after an hour and had Steam refund my purchase. If/when they resolve their issues I will try again.

I played online yesterday and I found that if you go to the network tab in settings and choose the specific server closest to you it works much better.

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I posted that when it was still in beta in the other forum section.
A couple of us are using the Path of Exile channel in discord to talk while we are playing this, also using the POE text channel to post things like build planners and the likes.
With all that said, Im having a blast with it, even with all it’s issues.

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Could be worse. Your character could be a bowling ball. :slight_smile:


Both my wife and I are, although we haven’t played together yet as she out paces me. This weekend we are going to start new characters together.

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I had to to take a break from playing. I got to the Lambach boss and I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or missing something, or it’s bugged for me. I can tear through her(it’s?) first phase with no problem, I get to the second phase and I get it down to having no health left and I’m just pounding away at it and it won’t die. This happened three times in a row last night and I came as close to rage quitting a game as I have ever come. Then I went and played some Rage 2 to vent that rage. I dunno, not sure what is the deal, did some searching and I didn’t find any mentions of this issue.

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Bring two health potions, and slow down you just have to get the timing down,also make sure you follow and stand in the white circle cause the blood burns you. The thing that was getting me is the hit box is big, but i was standing right at the edge and some of the notches you can get stuck on. Boss in third act is bugged and its a known issue, you can’t damage it or have a DOT doing damage to is between the phases, you need to wait like 15 secs between phases or he breaks and just stands there taking no damage.


I read there are a lot of bugs. Is this true? Or is it worth getting now?