ARPG Wolcen launch 2-13

Hey guys for those of us who play Path of Exile, Diablo 3, Grim Dawn and the likes.
There is a new Hack & Slash on the block called “Wolcen- Lords of mayhem”
It’s currently in early access on steam, but full release is 2-13, only a couple more days.
They are using the cryengine and it looks amazing, i know a couple of us currently playing POE are going to check this out. And if you want to join us feel free to hop in the POE discord channel.
It’s currently 30 bucks on steam for early access but, I am hearing that the price will jump to $45 on the day of release, so if it looks interesting to you, you might want to pick it up now. Or wait to see if it’s a hit or fail and get it on sale in a few months :slight_smile: