So is anyone playing Albion?

I was an OTG member ages ago but couldn’t find a game I liked that allowed casual play. Just bought a new gaming rig after a decade and have been playing this a month. I am enjoying it although I have not got into much PvP (not really my thing) and do see this could lead to OTG challenges. Just wondering if anyone might be in a Thetford based guild that could offer a place with some stability and maturity? In game “Snake1818”, no worries if not but found OTG helpful when I was here a few years ago (Think Wildstar).


Hey there @Snake1818 ! If you were an OTG member from the prior forums, please check out this thread for info on how to get your members access returned:

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Thanks, I sent a message there. Been ages but hopefully they can look me up.

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albion hit me right in the feels like coming home to a game.
just got really unlucky with dodging of the drama and find equally cooperatively minded people to befriend.
suprised me a little that they would increase a game like this in pace, seemed a bit too fast for my liking.
would love to check it out again someday.

So, I’m guessing there is no OTG guild in Albion? I was thinking of trying out this game.

Bubbagrim is still logging into OTG at least according to this initial post:

I’m playing with my son, he’s 13, so we just made our own guild.