OTG in Albion Online

So Bubbagrim is still tagged as OTG. That being said the dynamics of Albion have changed dramatically since last year. This game is more about Alliances than guilds. To be in a decent alliance you must contribute in one form or another. Think of it like protection. You must support the Alliance in order to progress in the game past the “safe zones” I.e. the Black zones. This is where you can progress in gathering past tier 5. There are 8 tiers of gathering for every resource. Even with alliances and gathering in your own territories you can and should expect to be Ganked. No place is safe except your Island or in capital cities. Think of it like Eve Online or better yet what Ultima Online was before trammel. Blue zones you can’t be attacked, Yellow zones you can be attacked but you will loose only 10% of your loot. Red zones and Black zones you can and will loose everything if you are killed. OTG failed to make it in Albion because of a couple reasons 1st and foremost they abandoned and created their own discord Channel. They created another channel and this made it very difficult for veteran OTG players to join the guild. 2nd the guild leader although an amazing GL was not OTG and did not embrace the culture of OTG. Rather than embrace those ideals they abandoned the guild took all active players and created their own guild. This game is one of the most active games I’ve ever played and continues to amaze me how it is evolving. It’s not for everyone, it is about as hardcore PVP as it gets. Every update though they make it more solo friendly and easier to jump right in and play, not to mention the quality of life game enhancements have made huge strides for Guild Management and banking. I log in everyday. I haven’t seen anyone in the Guild in months but I will continue to log in just in case.


To be honest, hardcore PvP games within OTG have always been difficult. There’s limited interest in them to begin with, and some of the ways the game forces you to play goes against pretty much the whole ‘culture’ of OTG. It’s hard to keep to rules like “Don’t be an asshole” when you’re in a hardcore PvP game :smiley:

Hopefully you’ll find other people to play with, though!

I just recently started playing this. Dedicating myself to a few different MMO’s now as I realize I’m forever just a bit of a casual player. I enjoy this one so far. I’ve never been a big PvP player but I’ve really never given it a chance. I think as I get older, I’m accepting the fact that I don’t have the time to be among the best, so as long as I can log in for a few hours when I want and have a good time, that works for me.

Ok just to set the record clear, OTG failed in Albion Online because the market that OTG aims at is not the market that suits a full loot PvP Game in terms of playstyle and maturity. I fully embraced the culture of OTG but to develop a game you need to be able to recruit people, and unfortunately, the people playing Albion do not want to go through a lengthy recruitment process. The reason we created a separate discord channel was simply because of security. We explained this to every single member and that was the only reason why. There was no issue with anyone joining the guild who was a member of OTG, if they provided the correct security credentials so there was no barrier to anyone joining.

We tried everything to make OTG work with Albion, and it just didn’t. These things happen. As a more casual player Bubbagrim you may not have been around to see how things evolved but they did so for a number of reasons so ‘guessing’ why OTG failed in Albion is not helpful for anyone.



I share and support Bubbagrim’s assessment. I also believe the guild leader that took players out of the OTG guild and started another guild was a good person and guild leader. Keep that in mind as I point out my support of Bubbagrim’s assessment and disagree with Barathorn.

This self imposed limitation of the pool of players makes recruitment harder (and therefore may make the life of those recruiting harder), but that is the commitment required to maintain the culture of OTG.

Abandoning the expectation that one follow the OTG process when joining, can hardly be described as fully embracing the culture. I was able to observe in Discord when an individual’s complaint about his or her friend having to wait to go through the process resulted in the process being abandoned… and the abandoning of the OTG guild by a large number of players to go to a new guild that was no longer associated with OTG.

Getting into the guild from within OTG regularly took a long time due to long periods of time going by without an in game guild representative checking the forum. Exhibit A. < – Link

So, sure, OTG’s recruitment rules and expectations made things more challenging because some of the pool of potential players are not going to be made of “OTG Stuff”… in most other games we don’t abandon the requirement that folks have that stuff despite additional difficulty. It should be noted that the guild (before the ingame guild was abandoned by those that started another guild) was active and healthy. Certainly not perfect, but what is?

Ok just checking back in and I find this. You literally couldn’t be further off the pace Ivax.

The reasons that the active players left OTG were as follows,

1/ In a political game where other OTG members are in other alliances you cannot allow free access to what you are doing to all members of OTG - doing so puts your entire guild at risk. We explained this countless times and it still took 4 months to get anything sorted out. This is why we took our OTG member’s security into our own hands. Having an open mumble server for any member to have access to simply doesn’t work for Albion. One person in another guild knowing what you plan to do can cost millions of silver and upset a lot of people.

2/ The players left because the individual that the OTG process failed was denied access to the OTG forums because of their name. For an adult community, not cool. Nothing else - denied access for a name.

3/ The OTG forum was checked every single day for recruits. So your point there is absolute nonsense. I have messages telling us how amazing we were doing with recruitment and turning the guild in Albion around.

4/ The in-game guild was active and healthy because of 10 months of hard work by the team that we recruited. When I joined OTG there were 6-8 active members, when we left it was 30+. So again, not true what you said.

In short - unless you were actually in the guild leadership or had access to the countless discussions about the movement of Albion to a non-featured game and the restrictions on recruiting then you don’t know anything about why the players left. I hope I have now explained this.

I enjoyed my time in OTG - but the reason why Albion and OTG failed was that rigid restrictions coupled with an inability to compromise and use common sense were evident from day 1.

Enjoy gaming!


Just wondering something…I dabble in gathering in Albion Online just for fun. I would be glad to contribute mats to a guild…either OTG or a guild that possibly OTGers moved to in Albion?

Thanks for any info.