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Use this topic to ask the Membership Team any questions you may have about our Application Process before you apply.

Note: Already a current or past member and are new to this forum? As of JAN 1, 2024, we will no longer be skipping the application process for reinstatement. Our “new” forum is now almost 6 years old and is no longer new. :smiley:

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Greetings. I am a longtime member, returning player. Have not been reinstated as a member. Would like this process expedited. I applied again a year ago. Not sure what I need to do. Please advise.

You’ll need to submit an application at this point.

You’ll find the information and link in this post.

Holy cow I am back to playing again would love to rejoin OTG

@Blackmail - You are still a member!

I have been a long time OTG member. Recently coming back after a break from the game. Do i need to reapply to become reinstated? Please let me know… In game name is Erosola Lightweaver, level 90 Bard, Excalibur.

Thank you :blush:

You do not, @Ainuelda . You are an OTG member, and have all of the OTG member access. You may need to re-request for in-game chapters/guilds/etc. You can see how to do that in each game’s Chapter Information section.

Hi Hashberry,
Thank you for answering my questions. I will look for an OTG officer online in FFXIV to get back in the FC. Thanks again and have a great evening :grinning:

Aka Erosola Lightweaver

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