Post Here If You Have Pledged (2019 Edition)

I think my application was approved.

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Awesome. Here’s an official welcome, @Temijin!

I’ve added you to the roster and updated our tallies in the original post. :ohyea:

I pledged for Alpha

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Pledge Level: Beta
Pantheon Forums Name: Ruerin
Character names: Ruerin, Kurr


Welcome aboard, @Albytaps and @Ruerin!

I’ve added you both to the spreadsheet and updated the tallies in the original post. I look forward to seeing you both as testing progresses. :slight_smile:

Newby here !
I’m in pre Alpha i think… one of the expensive ones from back when i had more money than sense =P

Welcome aboard, @Xanth!

I’ll add you to the list.

Pledge Level:Champion,Alpha
Pantheon Forums Name: Senzoba
Character names: Senzoba

Pledge Level Alpha & Beta
Account name (Pantheon forums name) - Trillium
Character names - TBD

Thanks, @Senzoba and @Trill!

@Senzoba - It looks like we already had you in the spreadsheet, perhaps from a previous post. Either that or I added you and completely forgot to reply here… :slight_smile:

@Trill - Thanks for adding your info here. Once the application process is complete and your name goes from gray to blue, I’ll be sure to add you to the list.

The level I pledged has access to alpha and beta.

Pantheon forum name is also Tarthus.

The only character name I’m sure on is Tarthus Darkmist.

Thanks, @Tarthus. Welcome aboard!

I’ve added you to the list.

@Trill, I’ve added you to the list as well. Welcome to OTG and the Pantheon group. :slight_smile:

Upgraded to Triumvirate with Pre-Alpha access.

Awesome. Thanks, @Neph!

I’ve updated the spreadsheet and tally in the original post. Looking forward to seeing you in the next PA. :slight_smile:

I will be pledging here within the week, just doing more reading and research

I am pledged Pathfinder and will be using the name Roadkill

Thanks, @Gandalf970!

I’ve added you to the list and updated our tallies. 160 members so far. Not bad! :slight_smile:

@Loggy - I’ll keep an eye out for your post, if/when you sign up.

Le’ Sigh. Fate is telling me I shouldn’t join. First the signup didn’t work with my browser. So I switched browsers. Then it requires Paypal to pledge. Other places I can use a credit card to pay via Paypal without signing up, but not here. Nutz!

Well I hope you all have fun storming the castle.


Pledge Level (Advisor Pledge) Alpha - also this grants access to the Founder’s Conclave. See you there
Pantheon Forum Account name (StoneFish)
Character names - Not sure. StoneFish, but if I lean into the RPG element Ill pick something greek or celtic in origin. For the testing phase Ill use StoneFish.

I joined because of the social element they are aiming for and the strong world building depth i see them working towards.

Here is hoping we get to test a few things this fall, or tomorrow :slight_smile:

Take care

Great to have you, @StoneFish! As soon as your app goes through, and your name goes from gray to blue, I’ll make sure you’re added to the list.

@Jendai - Hang in there! It’s been a pretty quiet time testing-wise, so I don’t think there’s a huge rush. I think that once we get into and through the next Pre-Alpha testing phase and have a clear view on how things look moving into Alpha, they might make a stronger case for you to jump through that annoying payment hoop. :slight_smile: