Orefena New World Chapter: Brimstone Sands Mega Giveaway

It’s time for another gold give away!

We are going to be giving away 25k gold to four lucky winners. Winners will be randomly drawn on November 5th, 2022. This is a great opportunity to get a jump start on either gearing yourself for the new content or even enough money to move yourself into the new Brimstone Sands houses!

How to Enter

Between now and November 5th, post here in this thread what you are either most looking forward to about Burning Sands or what you are enjoying most about the expansion (after it launches next Tuesday).


Your character can be any level. You must be a member of one of the companies on Orefena on November 5th when the drawing takes place and need to have been active and online in the last 15 days.

I am most looking forward to the Greatsword. The offensive and defensive stances seem pretty cool. I also can’t wait to check out the new area and quests!

Definately the Greatsword. Its going to be a lot of fun! The new areas and enviornment to explore as well.

I’m always excited about new content. New sights and places to mine, herb, deforest… New quests and mob types. Really wanna see scorpions!

Exploring the new areas. I love new content, so levelling the GS while roaming the ‘burning sands’ of the desert while doing so will be awesome!

I also love exploring and seeing the new sights (and furniture styles). There was also a mention of new resources, which I can’t wait to start hoarding :smile:. Maybe I’ll swap out my first house for a bigger one in the new zone.

I’m looking forward to Brimstone Sands itself and everything in it: new places to explore, glyphs, jump puzzles, new settlements (More storage! :grimacing:), new mobs, new ingredients to farm, a new place to do chestruns, Heartrune Gems, the Greatsword, the Ennead, etc. And hopefully an arena raid boss. :wink: :worm: I also look forward to the new leveling experience for 1–25, the revamped territories (Especially Monarch’s Bluffs.) and mutated Starstone.

So much to do and see! Oh my…

Looking forward to exploring the new content with Kbella and the OTG Ohana. Hoping for new cool enhancements to gameplay!

I am looking forward to new places to explore! Hoping for new armor that I can dye. New animals also.

Looking forward to new places to explore and plunder. Maybe some more back story on Artaeum? The Greatsword will be interesting to try, but how do you wield something that big with a shield?

I am looking forward to new content and maybe less competition for resources in the old areas lol.
Cindin I

Greatsword and new areas to explore.

I am definitely looking forward to exploring the new area. The inner packrat in me is excited to start collecting new things. I am also excited to see the designs and scenery in the game. I have intentionally not looked at PTR or different videos to enjoy the excitement of finding all the landmarks. Does anyone know if there will be paintings to find in Brimstones?

I’m looking forward to the changes in crafting and gathering with Brimstone Sands.

It would be the greatsword and the story/lore of the new area. Also looking forward to the new starter areas and that revamp.

looking forward to the new area to explore and Heartsgem slots and Greatsword.

More Exploring. Opportunity to Up my Playing Skill always and be more beneficial to our group team-ups.
and with all the mention of Greatsword…must check that out for sure

I’m looking forward to exploring the new area, playing with the great sword and see how a group full of great sword users works.

Gotta be swinging a greatsword in the sand.

I’m primarily a healer, and always a caster in general, and I am surprised by how much I am loving the Greatsword(!)