NMS Observers of the Galaxy Hub

Hey guys!

I’d like to share some ideas for making our unofficial NMS civilization become an official hub in the NMSverse.


Due to the popular vote, our civilization is Observers of the Galaxy. As we are an unofficial and unsupported group of OTG guild members, we can’t use the OTG name/brand. This means we cannot refer to ourselves as OTG in-game. I propose our acronym be OGs. We are Older Gamers and some of us are Original Gamers, hearkening back to Ataris, Commodore 64s, MUDs, and beyond.

As members of the civilization, we can call ourselves The Observers. As individuals, it would be something like Observer [NAME], e.g., Observer S. Taboo. The OGs could work as well; OG Shrewd in da house!

As The Observers, we can name planets, fauna, flora, and minerals after observing their qualities or not name them in regard/respect for whatever the thing calls itself. This gives each of us the freedom to name or not name things. Ideally, names given support your observations and you can use any language you want (translations in wiktionary is a fun resource ).

We WILL name our capital system in each galaxy using a simple naming convention: Observers of Euclid, Observers of Hilbert, Observers of Calypso, etc.

Observers of the Galaxy (OGs) Hub Entry

Values for our civilization per NMS Hub - No Man's Sky Wiki.

Galaxy: Euclid
Quadrant: Delta
Region: TBD
Capital System: TBD
Capital Planet: TBD
Coordinates: TBD
Government: Democracy
Size: TBD
Type: Casual, Discovery, Exploration
Founded by: The OGs
Federation Member: TBD
Platform: All
Release: Endurance


Do we want to come up with a formal mission? Those hub pages on the wiki have a lot of content! :sweat_smile:

I figure we all play NMS in a chill and relaxing way. No need to create spreadsheets documenting our observations, right? Setting up a system in every single galaxy could be cool but that’s a personal goal and I’m in no rush. What do you guys think?

Next Steps

  1. I will continue to figure out how to officialize our OG hub; determine those TBDs.
  2. Vote for a new system. Glufjogu served as a trial run and I certainly learned from it! We’ll keep Glufjogu—now called Observers of the Galaxyy—to play around in.
  3. Please share your feedback and thoughts about a mission in the comments!

Thank you so much, everyone! Your participation and support mean a lot.

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Sounds good to me.

Cross post of my comment from our Discord chat on same, so all comments can be in a most accessible location.

This is the naming convention I follow for my personal galactic empire, with tags mostly only being applied to systems and ships: AGT Naming Convention Guidelines - No Man's Sky Wiki . I like to encapsulate the tag in ( ), to make it more apparent the prefix relates to something.

If we eventually get around to adding a tag, maybe go with (OGal) System default or custom name. Makes it easier for people to quickly ID where we have been/claimed. Plus if am OTG member who knows our tag spots it somewhere unexpected and far off the beaten stellar path, it brings a sense of comradery and fondness in the otherwise vast and lonely space.

We can’t edit a name after it uploaded, so best to do things at the start or all our initial systems won’t have any name association.

Thank you for reposting here! Topics/comments on Discord can get lost and this is a good one to discuss here.

I think systems are the only thing that will need a naming convention. Our capital system in each galaxy can be named Observers of [GALAXY NAME]. Some of the galaxies have pretty long names so any additional words can create an obnoxiously long system name. And if all our capital systems across multiple galaxies are named Observers of the Galaxy, that’s gonna get messy in our list of space stations in the teleporter.

To be recognized as a hub we have to create 20 wiki pages of either systems we have discovered or bases (1 per member) we have created. This will definitely be a project! I scouted more than 20 systems, so that’s a start. We only need 5 system pages for civilization status.

Does anyone want to help create wiki pages?

For these 5–20 hub systems, I propose we name them by appending OG in front of their default name to make it easy. Thoughts?

For the wiki, it can be a lot of work to fill out, but could start with the basics and optionally build on it if people choose to do so. Having a template with hidden embedded links to other wiki pages pointing to reference info (like Terrain Archetype, biome, etc.) would ease the learning curve and creative burden.

This is an example of one of my pages: (TZA) Tomouthr Tauxxxxx - No Man's Sky Wiki We could use it as a template, or just take ideas from it and build our own. Mine doesn’t have embedded links (as I just thought of doing so when I wrote the above) but I do have them saved as favorites so easy enough to add.

While this seemed cool to begin with and I wanted to really expand on some things (like add a page with a description of my empire), I stopped working on this as it was too much like work. My system links to multiple planets/moons, then on each planet are critters, flora, fauna, POI’s, etc. A good amount of the info would end up being a link to another page, and another and another…but those other pages are not created so guess who gets to do it.

Don’t mean to make it sound unappealing though. It is sorta fun, if you are into things like that, and a good collaborative project. Plus, a good way to learn some basic HTML. As I said at the beginning, start with the basics and optionally build on it if people choose to do so.

So, lets see if I have this right.

  • The only thing we must rename is the “home” system (of which there is only 1) in any given galaxy?

  • Optional to rename planets, flora, fauna, etc. If we do choose to rename these, it can be whatever we want (apart from the usual no no’s) and can be in any language.

  • The above “home” system will be named in this format: Observers of Original System Name (Ex. Observers of Ezuohe)?

  • They what about a tag? You seem to prefer OG, with no encapsulation. Whereas I prefer (OGal). Of course, you being the defacto leader set the format. Whatever is OK with me, as long as there is a standard. But what are we using the tag on? Perhaps this falls back to bullet 2. Use as we wish?

So in the case of Daveon’s planet (where he is working on his soon to be famous lighthouse base), if he chose to do so he could name the planet in this format: OG Bursl Beta ?

As for me, I would rename all the systems (not planets) I stop for a visit in with the OG tag. Though I would only do this if none of the planets/moons have been previously discovered by anyone else.

All systems that are under the observation of our civilization, Observers of the Galaxy. We rename the home system and tag other systems with the OG prefix.

Absolutely! Keeping with the theme that we are observer entities as best we can. That last creature you find on a planet after hours of searching would aptly be named Obscurus Elusivis or P. Ita. Have fun with it!

Our “home” system in Euclid is “Observers of Euclid” and in the Calypso galaxy, it would be “Observers of Calypso” and so on. And let’s say we include the Onumasend system in our civilization. We’d rename it to OG Onumasend or OG [new name].

I prefer OG for its simplicity, it’s easy to remember, and the dual meaning of Older/Original Gamers is fun for us! We’ll use the OG tag to rename systems other than our home system.

No need to include OG. The system is already “declared” as part of our civilization with the system’s new name.

To sum up, we’ll rename our home system to “Observers of [galaxy name]” in each galaxy and all other systems will be renamed by adding OG as a prefix; keeping or changing the default system name at your discretion. I will include this in our civilization page in the NMS wiki.

Having never done this before, I’d love to know if there’s anything I’m missing or not anticipating when it comes to tagging and renaming. For example, do we have to document the original name of anything we rename in the wiki? And going forward, should we include the galaxy # in the system name, e.g., Observers of Calypso (3), for an at-a-glance reference of the galaxy’s numerical order?

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