Interested in a No Man's Sky Hub? Cast Your Vote!


Our civilization in No Man’s Sky is called Observers of the Galaxy and our capital system in Euclid is called Observers of Euclid. The glyphs for the system and screenshots of the planets are here:

Come join us!

We welcome your ideas about how this works and comes together! We have a forum post where you can read up on what’s going on and share your thoughts. We also have a Discord channel (details below).

To the stars we go!

Original Message:

A few of us who play No Man’s Sky (NMS) have been talking on Discord about establishing a hub system. It will be an unofficial and unsupported endeavor, i.e., not using the OTG name brand. You can join the discussion on Discord under the GG - SURVIVAL CRAFT channel (how to join OTG’s Discord).

What Should We Call Ourselves?

  • Galactic Travellers Organization
  • Observers of the Galaxy
  • Odious Totalitarian Goblins
  • Order of the Geek
  • Order of the Traveling Glitches
  • Overseers of the Galaxy
  • Overseers Trade Group
  • Overseers Traveling Group
  • NONE OF THESE; I’ll add my suggestions in the comments

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Which Euclid System?

Click the system name to see screenshots. I think the only systems that can be renamed now are Akkani-Glha and Glufjogu.

  • Aberds XIV: Korvax Pirate ; 4 planets (1 paradise), 2 moons
  • Agyardan VI: Korvax Pirate ; 5 planets (2 paradise), 1 moon
  • Akkani-Glha: Korvax 3-star; 6 planets (1 paradise)
  • Ezuohe: Vy’keen Pirate ; 5 planets ( 3 paradise), 1 moon
  • Eyburg-Frol: Vy’keen 3-star ; 6 planets (2 paradise)
  • Glufjogu: Korvax 3-star; 4 planets ( 2 paradise), 2 moons
  • Kudyanto: Korvax 3-star ; 5 planets (2 paradise), 1 moon
  • Leford III: Gek 3-star ; 6 planets (2 paradise)
  • Tupauli-Sagn XI: Korvax Pirate ; 5 planets (3 paradise), 1 moon
  • NONE OF THESE; please keep searching!

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What’s Next?

Your input is greatly appreciated! Thank you. We’ll announce the chosen name and system here and on Discord in the next few days. Then the settling and building can begin!

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I can certainly join and setup a base on whatever system/planet you guys pick. I am a casual player but I have a fully upgraded S class freighter with frigates not that that really matters.

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Glad to help as well and if not official, my son and I play NMS periodically so he could possibly help as well depending on timing of things.

Also… I have the game on GamePass and Steam (separate accounts). Mostly play on GP (so my XBL tag) since that is the account I started anew with my son when he started playing. :smiley:

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I play off and on but would love to help with this. I think a name with the letters OTG (like OuT of Gas Station) is fun and cool.

As far as systems go, I would love a system with a snowy planet but I just love snow. Part of being from GA, since we do not get snow a lot. Of the ones linked, I really like Kudyanto and Eyburg.

But truly I am good with whatever.

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Yeah, I’m down for this. Thanks for the suggestion and working to implement. I’m mostly a solo player, and more on exploring than sticking around somewhere long. I would stop by a (not) OTG hub occasionally to say hi and leave my mark. I’m not very creative, or at least generally not up for spending time/brainpower on being so. I just go with the flow.

On to your questions:

  1. What Should We Call Ourselves?
    Of your suggestions, I would choose " Omega Tau Gamma". 2 suggestions of mine would be “Observers of The Galaxy” or “Order of The Geek”. Later of which has the tie in to gaming lingo, plus would fit well if we end up picking a “Gek” system.

  2. Where in the Euclid Galaxy?
    This doesn’t matter to me. I started off in Euclid but have since (mostly) moved on to Budullangr. For hub purposes, I think wherever it is, should be in an unexplored/sparsely explorer area, so we can spread (not) OTG name far and wide.

  3. Which System Type?
    I lean toward Vy’keen and Kovak over Gek. As for Pirates, sometimes I join them and sometimes I hunt them. As for # of start systems, this doesn’t matter to me. I do think if we have a hub, it should either be on a Paradise type world (as weather can be annoying and blandness can be…bland) or perhaps on an extra hostile world if the hub can be built (and expanded) in a safe zone, like underground/underwater). I do like the look of Sporal & Toxic planets (for the later, underground looks cool and is less toxic).

  4. Have You Come Across a Good System?
    Plenty of cool systems, but I’ve already explored/claimed them. Would prefer something new. I’d be happy with whatever.

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I love a good snowy planet as well, especially if it has nice water!

This is perfect!

My settlement is on an extremely hostile sentinel planet with extremely hostile cold, storms like all the time but I have a huge stack of crystals. :slight_smile:

Honestly I was going to move it somewhere else however I just farm the sentinels and crystals when I care to.

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I wouldn’t mind popping in if we have a place. I play occasionally and exploring is my favorite aspect…and sending out freighters in missions…for some reason I like reading all the stories they bring back. I collect odd looking ships when I can and can’t pass thru an asteroid field without grabbing some loot…haven’t been very social but the few times I went on group missions it was pretty fun so with Oversized Torso Groupies I think it would be even more fun!

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Yeah, I’m holding off on establishing a settlement until we decide on a system for our little hub.

Observers of The Galaxy. :wink:

Glufjogu has fungal mold and I like the environments. :+1:

I know I’ve already voted on the existing poll, but Outlaws of the Galaxy would work, too, if we ended up in a Pirate system. :smiley:

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For those of you more experienced in the game than I am, how far into the game and the story will I need to get to help with the HUB? I am not too familiar with it and get distracted a lot so I think I got some quests from that big hub (where you collect Twitch rewards) and then flew back to a planet to recover some technology maybe. I do not think I am far along at all.

@Elidien You just need to have the 16 portal glyphs unlocked so that you can access the chosen portal address.

There are 3 ways that I know of to do this. Click on the blurred spoiler text below for details

  1. If you do the current Polestar Expedition, there is an optional “visit another player’s freighter” objective that awards all 16 of the glyphs for free … assuming you continue to use that save as your main save from that point on.

  2. If you go through the full Artemis questline in the game, you will unlock the glyphs during the process.

  3. Lastly, you can visit various space stations and look to see if they have any Travelers onboard. Those are the glowing characters with the odd heads (not Gek, Vykeen or Korvax). Speak to them. After the first conversation, speak to them again and for 100 nanites ask where they are from. They will direct you to a waypoint where you will obtain 1 glyph. Talk to 16 such Traveler’s this way to unlock all 16 glyphs.

Once you have all 16 glyphs, visit a space station in any inhabited system and talk to the maps vendor. Purchase Alien structure maps. Use a map until you find an Alien Monolith. (There are ways to do save/reload to not waste a map if you want to game the system, whether you consider that cheating or not is personal preference). Before visiting the Monolith, make sure you have one of the Racial gifts in your inventory for the race that owns the system (Such as Vykeen dagger, etc), you will need it. Visit the monolith. SAVE before interacting with the monolith because if you mess up you’ll need to reload. Read the text when interacting the Monolith VERY carefully as it will give you hints to the response it wants. Succeed in the right response, you’ll be awarded some positive faction standing with that race. It exits the conversation. Interact with the Monolith a 2nd time and give it the racial gift in exchange for a set of Portal coordinates.

Now, fly to that portal. If you can, plop down a manual save point before interacting with the pillar. Unlock the pillar. Plug in the address of the chosen planet. Stargate through it.


I’d like to join also. I did the Polestar expedition but I’m not using that save. Couldn’t you also just join someone that is already in the area via Multiplayer and end up in the system that way? I’m really terrible with using the galaxy maps, how do you plug in coordinates ? What is everyones in game names? I go by Tahoenvy in NMS. Also what Discord channel are you using I didn’t see an NMS one but I may have missed it

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Hi Cata. I assume you meant to reply to the OP, but I’ll take a shot at answering.

  • Couldn’t you also just join someone that is already in the area via Multiplayer and end up in the system that way?
    In theory, yes I think that would work. I haven’t really played MP before, though have been in same area as a friend and we chatted in game. That was month ago, but if I recall right, he was online before me and I logged into NMS via MP option, I ended up in same system as him.

  • I’m really terrible with using the galaxy maps, how do you plug in coordinates ?
    Instead of using the galaxy map, you would take a portal. Of course, like most in NMS, there are hoops to jump thru on that. It boils down to:

  • have completed the main Artimis quest or otherwise manually unlocked the needed 16 glyphs

  • find a monolith that doubles as a portal (which I think is random). To find one, you can buy maps at space stations, the Cartographer vendor. In this case, you want "‘Alien Cartographic’ maps.

  • use the map, which will randomly give you one of a few points of interest. The one you want is “Alien Monolith”. If you don’t get it, rinse and repeat till you do.

  • once at the Monolith, save your game and interact with it. Usually need to answer a riddle to unlock. If wrong, reload save and try again. Once correct, select option to “locate a portal”

  • fly to portal, charge the 16 glyphs and enter planetary address you are looking for and walk thru the portal.

As for the home system, it was changed after the poll in this post was completed. Glufjogu system is still ours and we can “observe” and do whatever there, but the new home system, as of yesterday, is Ezuohe. Pics & portal address here:

Here is a guide: No Man's Sky: How to Find Portals and Unlock Glyphs (2021)

  • What is everyones in game names? I go by Tahoenvy in NMS.
    I don’t know about everyone’s name, but mine in game = Zodanga. Problem though is easiest way to add a friend is if they already are one of yours in Steam itself (my name there is same as here). If not Steam friends, it is done using personal NMS friend codes. I’m not so sure if these codes should be publicly posted, so I share mine by PM.

  • Also what Discord channel are you using I didn’t see an NMS one but I may have missed it
    You can join the discussion on Discord on the OTG server, under the GG - SURVIVAL CRAFT section, no-mans-sky channel (how to join OTG’s Discord).

Good luck and hope to see you around.

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Hi Zodanga. Thank you for that long post. I actually did get to the system by just joining Shrewd when she was online. As for the Discord channel I meant a voice one. But it seems no one chats in NMS so there was no need for one. /shrug.

I’m in Euclid Character name is Talos.