May New World Make-A-Wish Giveaway


A generous donation has been made to the guild’s treasury by a philanthropic member of our chapter and they have asked we use that for some better than average prizes, contests, and giveaways. This month’s give away is going to be 20,000 gold. This is a pretty awesome prize and can allow one lucky winner to purchase or upgrade to a Tier 4 house or maybe get their hands on some Major Trophy Components, your creativity is the limit! We’d like to hear how you’d spend 20k gold if you win this giveaway!

How to Enter

Create a post in In this thread and express what you plan to do if you win the 20,000g. Entrees must be posted on or before 12:01 AM EST on Sunday, May 15th, 2002.

Winner Determination and Announcement

On Sunday, May 15th, 2022, all qualifying entrees will be put into a random drawing and one name will be drawn. The random drawing will be recorded, shared and announced in this thread once it has been completed.


This prize is considered a CGP which is explained in our Chapter Policies.

  • Participants must be a Members of an in-game OTG Company.
  • Participants must have been online in-game in the last 14 days at time of determination of winner.
  • Winner may not have won a CGP prize in the last 90 days.

I would spend the gold to get my furnishing skill to 200 so I can make Major Trophies! :trophy:


Would use the 20K to finish leveling Jewelry making.



I would use this gold to roll Demona a single better piece of gear.


I would add $10k to the total and re-up it for the next CGP


I would use 20,000 gold to help raise my trade skills. More specifically furnishing, so that I can decorate my main home in Windward with my wife’s help of course.


I would save most for a rainy day but put some into advancing my trade skills so I can help others.


I would give half to her Majesty (Kbella) and upgrade something on Bullvyyn from the Windward Walmart.


Buy that third house I’ve been missing.


i would lvl up engineering for arrows

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Like many others, I would use the money to increase my trade skills, especially my furnishing skill, and maybe to trade my WW house to get another tier 4.

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Level up my arcane.

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I’d pay 1,000 gold each time anyone killed that murderous swine Cottontail in OPR or really anywhere until the funds were fully depleted.

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Can ionly love this once? I hear Neyland also kills guildies for fun!

I would buy my first house and begin to add trophies and furniture… :slight_smile:

I might give half to Bullvyyn so he can upgrade some gear. I would use the other half to upgrade a trophy or 2 if I could find the person who can do that.

Contest Closed. Ill be doing the random drawing sometime later today when Im near a computer.

We decided for our first contest we’d go ahead and draw two winners instead of one.

Congratulations to Kbella and Demon The Spit.

I’ll get with you in-game this week and get you your 20k gold prizes!

Drawings were done on and I recorded the spins incase anyone wanted to watch.

As of 5/19/2022 both winners have been given their prizes! Congratulations.