Marvel Future Revolution

EDIT: Official forum here:

Upcoming release from Netmarble, the makers of Marvel Future Fight. Announced last year.

Here’s the latest official gameplay trailer from 16 March 2021:

Current launch speculation is 2nd half of 2021.


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Man, it makes me miss the old Marvel Heroes game on PC.

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This looks amazing… when can we play???

Dr. Strange, Spidey, Cap, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, Storm, Black Widow, and Star-Lord available at launch? Anyone else announced? No Wolverine? Do you have to pick one and unlock others later? Seems like very few details available beyond the videos.

Netmarble has worked closely with Marvel in the past with movie release/game updates. My speculation is sometime between July (Black Widow) and September (Shang-Chi) to capitalize on cross-promotion.

Perhaps a ‘surprise’ as early as E3 (June12-15; yes they are planning one this year, all online).

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Sounds good to me. I haven’t played MFF in awhile. Time to (try and) clear some space on my phone and reinstall lol

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Dude yes! MFF 7.0 just dropped last night. We’re in the middle of 6th anniversary celebrations. Lotsa goodies :smiley:

It runs very well on Bluestacks. I do my alt account on it.

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I logged in and am so overwhelmed. But I’ll figure things out. Not sure who to spend bios and stuff on though.

I don’t care much for twitter anything (and this is likely one of very few mentions I’ll make), here is the official Marvel Future Revolution account:

Lots of cool, current (practically daily postings) information at a glance.

Feel free to share what has you excited here.

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The day I can download is the cool information I want!!!

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It is now available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store!


(If region specific matters, I am in Canada)

My hype meter is over 9000!

Gameplay reveal coming this Tuesday Evening!

It’s getting close!

Soft launch in Canada is after June 30th 00:00 (UTC-5)

EDIT: Official forum notice:

  • One might try emulators (64-bit version of android) as listed from this offiicial post:

  • Use of VPN for anyone outside of Canada eager enough may or may not work, but I am unsure of any official policies regarding VPN use with Marvel Future Revolution.

wish it was available on PC. lol

I’m running an alt account on Bluestacks 5. It actually runs better than my old phone lol.

I mean, you can, through emulators. It’s just an extra step (or two) to install.


Tons of videos out there. Was pretty easy. LDPlayer works better than BlueStacks FYI.

Also you just need the VPN when you login to the game. Can shut it off afterwards.

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