June New World Screenshot Contest


A generous donation has been made to the guild’s treasury by a philanthropic member of our chapter and they have asked we use that for some better than average prizes, contests, and giveaways. This month’s contest is going to a challenge to members to capture and share the most amazing visual screenshot they can within New World.

The grand prize winner be a combat trophy of their choice.
2nd place will receive 10,000g.
3rd place will receive 5,000g.

How to Enter

Create a post in In this thread and include a screenshot you’ve taken in New World capturing a beautiful scene, vista, or landscape. Entrees must be posted on or before 12:01 AM EST on Friday, June 17th, 2002.

You can turn your UI off to capture screenshots by using the key bind you have assigned in your key bind settings.

If you post multiple screenshots only your last screenshot will be judged unless you specify a specific different image. Please edit your prior posts to include additional screenshots if you post more than one to keep organization easier for myself for preparing the judging poll.

Winner Determination and Announcement

On Friday, June 17th, 2022 a poll will be created in this thread for any member of OTG to participate in the judging of the submissions. The poll will last for a week once published before winners are announced and prizes distributed. Winners will be determined by votes received. Ties will be decided by some sort of random roll.


This prize is considered a CGP which is explained in our Chapter Policies.

  • Participants must be a Members of an in-game OTG Company.
  • Participants must have been online in-game in the last 14 days at time of determination of winner.
  • Winner may not have won a CGP prize in the last 90 days.