[Finished] Pathfinder (2.0) - Age of Ashes Adventure Path (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

I’ll be there. Looking at the party so far in the top post, I’m thinking of making either a Fighter or a Champion. I’ll play with some concepts via PathBuilder and see what looks good.

Even after session zero last night (11/2) ended and Rando left the table up for us to work on characters I waffled over my character choice. I think I am sold on monk but still kinda waffling :roll_eyes:

Mithinar is playing a Divine Sorcerer, Cortillaen is looking at playing a heavy, what did you decide on Ocelot?

It’s up in the OP, he’s a rogue!

I’ll put the server up early on Thursday, say around 5:00 so people can fiddle with their characters. I may or may not be in Discord to talk then.

This is a reminder to myself to reboot my machine/Discord before starting up FG. Discord doesn’t like when I bounce between apps/games.

Something that wasn’t discussed - and isn’t a big deal really - is any possible relationships between your characters before the adventure starts. Cort mentioned to me in a PM about his character that he’s thinking of taking the Dragon Scholar background, which Mith’s character already has, so that’s something in common already. No pre-party relationships are required, but they’re additive to the experience.

Alys is a human rogue with the Local Scion background. I originally picked reputation seeker for her but the backstory of exploits in exotic lands prior to this didn’t make a lot of sense to me. Plus, having access to specialty crafting sounds neat.

Alternatively I had another rogue concept in mind, a goblin named Danny Boy. Having a dogslicer would be pretty nifty though, tbh, I can’t say I have a huge affinity with goblins from a fluff/rp perspective.

My first character idea was a Goblin Alchemist , was going to be obsessed with creating the ultimate mutagen…as well as a bit of a pyro. But it felt like more of a fluff/rp type character and I feel like this campaign needs a more serious character than just a fluff/rpg type character. Which is also what I am feeling the monk is for me right now. Man, this game is giving me some serious character indecision the likes of which I have not experienced in a long time.

I totally understand the indecision!! So many ways to make a character which is fascinating and exciting but also analysis paralysis inducing :joy:

I’m still undecided on background and what skills to focus on. I’d be a little afraid of stepping on toes taking the same background as Mith, so I’m looking at some others. Haunting Vision could be pretty interesting, and certainly gives a Champion reason to be poking around.

@ocelot are you planning to keep Crafting high? I’ll be needing lots of shield repairs, I suspect, so I was thinking of making that one of my main skills. But I’ll be happy to leave that to you if you feel like it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not all that tied into Dragon Scholar. I was torn between it and Reputation seeker. If I had gone that way I would have gone with Darklands lore skill. Since I have him as a Umbral gnome. So I can finesse my guy if someone else wanted the Scholar background. Truthfully I can’t really get past my gnome sorc being able to do Intimitading glare feat and was scratching my head on how to make that fit him as I pictured him a more fun loving prankster.


I dunno, the more I think about it, the more I’m kinda liking the idea of the Haunting Visions one. Unless somebody is really into that one, I think it’ll be my pick.

@Cortillaen, I was planning to since the rogue class comes with quite a few skills and skill feats. I am thinking my skill priority will be something like Stealth > Acrobatics > Crafting > Thievery. I haven’t yet done the math but I think I should have enough to do that.

I just realized that crafting is also an INT skill which I’m starting out with only a 12 (might bump that to 14 though… we’ll see). Not sure if somebody else in the party might be better suited for crafting or not. Either way, I’m sure Alys will be happy to help with shield repair if needed :slight_smile:

Look at all of you NERRRRRRDDDDSS!

Glorious. :joy:


Rogues get enough skill increases to get 6 skills to Legendary and have one increase left over. The main thing is the order you do them in and which skill feats you want to take when. Everyone else only has half as many of both, so we have to focus on only 3 skills if we want Legendary.

If you ever want a second opinion on options, I’ve theorycrafted a lv11 Rogue and even got to play him a bit. 3 tidbits: Deception is really useful for the Create a Diversion action, among other uses; speed bonuses are vital if you plan to sneak around in encounters (you have to have enough range to get to another source of cover or concealment at the end of every Sneak action); the lv6 Rogue feat Gang Up is amazing with a melee buddy wielding a reach weapon (hi!).

To elaborate a bit on my character plans, I’m making a shield ally Champion (eventually gets stuff like extra reactions for Shield block and the Champion reaction, Shield block for adjacent allies, and a super block that does both at once). Add onto that a reach weapon and probably a dedication for some more flexibility (not sure yet between Bard for Occult casting or Fighter for more martial tricks). For skills, I’m not really sure. Athletics, Occult, Religion, Crafting, maybe one of the talky skills; I dunno yet.

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I’m having a hard time picking a background from the Age of Ashes guide that I can fit around playing a Monk. I’m leaning towards Haunting Vision or Truth Seeker. I think I am going to go with Truth Seeker, but make it a twist on the nature of the background that fits the Monk.

That or I am just going to totally switch and play a Bard hehe.

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Just let me know if you decide to make the Bard. I might switch my archetype plans to Wizard in that case. I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy to have a Bard along: just the basic composition granting +1 to attack and damage rolls is always great, and faster access to some of Occult’s excellent spells would be nice.

On the other hand, I’d love to see a Monk’s progression in 2e. It looks like they have a lot of control options, and they can also be quite durable in this edition.

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While we’re on the topic of changing achetypes/classes :sweat_smile:

Would anyone be opposed to me changing Alys from a rogue to a fighter? As I dig further into the rulebook, I am finding myself very curious to try a dex based two weapon fighter as opposed to two weapon rogue.

For example, at level 1 take ancestry feat of “Unconventional Weaponry” with Sawtooth Sabre (allowing eventual progression to Legendary with Sawtooth Sabres) and class feat of Double Slice. Then at 2nd level pick rogue dedication, Twin Parry at 4th, Sneak Attack and Basic Trickery (Nimble Dodge) at levels 6 and 8 respectively. Followed by Agile Grace at 10th and then two weapon fighter themed feats from there on out.

I’m not certain, but I think this build should be somewhat close to rogue in terms of damage/stealthiness but perhaps slightly more survivable. The two big disadvantages (w.r.t. rogues) seem to be a much smaller sneak attack bonus and no dex melee dmg bonus from the thieves’ racket. But I think I can make up most of the lost ground from the fighter proficiency bonus and reduction to multiple attack penalty. Someone please let me know if there are any obvious holes in my analysis.

Also, legendary sawtooth sabres :smiling_imp:

And staying with Local Scion background and maxing out Acrobatics, Crafting (blacksmithing), and Stealth.

No Objection here. I am thinking of changing myself and go cleric. After thinking about it, I think the intricacies of the Sorc class might be a bit much for me as a first play through character for the new system. Since in a lot of my last couple games I have done cleric, I am familiar enough with the class to be able to learn the pathfinder version a lot easier.


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Thanks Mith!

There sure is a lot to master in this game. Definitely makes for a fun challenge if slightly daunting character creation :joy:

No worries. I’ll probably be going Dex/wis/Chr or Int, So I think I’ll take the returning descendant Background which will give him the Thievery skill. So we will have someone who can try to open things. /whistle. And if I fail and get blown up well then I can heal myself. /cackle


Yeah screw it I have yet to get to play a Monk to high level and that was my original choice so going to stick with Monk. I will be a male Half-Orc Monk. I’m looking at going Ki Warrior type build. Most likely going to go with the Haunted Vision background as I can work it into the Monk backstory the best I think.

@ocelot Some things that come to mind regarding the Rogue MC: Its Sneak Attack caps out at 1d6 (full Rogue goes to 4d6) and cannot be improved, and you’ll have a harder time getting some of the best tools (like Gang Up) to make sure you have flat-footed enemies consistently. You also lose out on 10 skill increases, 10 skill feats, looking for traps at all times (so you could do another Exploration activity at the same time), the best Perception growth, and some great Stealth tools at higher levels.

If you’re going with a 2-weapon Dex Fighter, I feel like Ranger is the (mechanically) better pairing. It would help you make the most of the Sawtooth Sabers, in my opinion. And if you are Human, you could always snag Rogue Dedication at 9th level. Or vice versa.

@Ryukan If you’re set on taking Haunting Visions, I guess I can look at a different one.