[Finished] Pathfinder (2.0) - Age of Ashes Adventure Path (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds (Ultimate License)
Connection String: quiet grave scrawny bard

Game System: Pathfinder( 2.0)

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rules
  • Age of Ashes Player’s Guide
  • Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide - Player Guide

Voice: OTG Guild Discord

Dates/Time: TBD

Preferred Party Size: 4-6

The Age of Ashes is the first adventure path for the newly updated Pathfinder rules. The first module in the adventure path is Hellknight Hill:

When mysterious fires begin to burn atop the towers of a nearby citadel long ago abandoned by an order of Hellknights, a group of local heroes heads out to investigate. What they discover within the ruined castle and in the dungeons below its foundation will not only reveal an unexpected invasion and a long-forgotten magical wonder, but will propel the heroes forward into a continent-spanning conflict against cultists, slavers, and a fiery draconic devastation that could unleash an Age of Ashes upon the world!

Current Party:

  • Mithinar - Rockie - Gnome Cleric
  • Ocelot - Anna - Human Sorcerer
  • Ryukan - Huulm - Half-Orc Monk
  • Cortillaen - Valk - Half-Elf Champion

No purchases necessary.

Will be using Guild Discord for voice communication and Fantasy Grounds as our virtual table top. A free demo license of Fantasy Grounds is fine for connecting to my game.

A freely available Age of Ashes Player’s Guide (in PDF form) is available here.

Dates and Times to be decided.

If yer interested please reply.

[Edit: original post “archived” further down in thread]

Depending on my schedule, I’m interested.

Same. Depending on time and day. I will be interested as well.


Ps. I don’t have any Pathfinder stuff myself though.

I have played the Pathfinder tabletop, but I have played the Pathfinder video game. I’d be interested in this depending on scheduling. I don’t have any Pathfinder stuff myself, but I could pick up what is needed.

Updated the OP with more information regarding getting the Pathfinder (2.0) rules and/or Fantasy Grounds, including free options.

At the very least everyone will need:

  • Guild Discord access
  • An installed Fantasy Grounds client (can be unlicensed)

And I strongly suggest downloading the Age of Ashes players guide.

Everything else is gravy and will only heighten your enjoyment of the campaign.

Thanks for the interest guys.

Original OP: for um reasons


I bought the PDFs for the Pathfinder (2.0) material as well as the modules for Fantasy Grounds. I plan on running the Adventure Path Age of Ashes of which I have the first and second module. The follow up modules will be dropping in the next few months.

This will be a learning exercise first and for-most.

VTT Client: Fantasy Grounds (Ultimate License) (connectivity info will be provided later)

Game System: Pathfinder 2.0

  • Pathfinder Second Edition Core Rules
  • Age of Ashes Player’s Guide
  • Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide - Player Guide

Voice: OTG Guild Discord

Dates/Time: TBD

Preferred Party Size: 4-6

Since I have an ultimate license for Fantasy Grounds, no one else requires their own licensed copy and will be able to connect to my game with an unlicensed version of the client. Upon connecting to my server they’ll be able to see the modules I have listed above so they can make their characters. If you wish to make your own characters when not connected to my server then you’ll have to have a licensed copy of Fantasy Grounds, and at the very least the Pathfinder Core Rulebook module/extension for Fantasy Grounds as well. The download link for the installer of Fantasy Grounds is here (no license required). At the very minimum, an unlicensed copy of Fantasy Grounds will be required

For the rules, you’ll be able to see all the player oriented material when connected to my game server. If you are really interested in the game then you can pick up the Pathfinder Core Rulebook at your favourite local gaming store or book store or even directly from Paizo. Paizo also provides all of their books in PDF form as a cheaper option from their webstore. Free playtest rules for 2nd Edition Pathfinder exist from a year or so ago, but I do not know how accurately they reflect the shipped rules. Here’s a link to a PDF of said playtest rules. Furthermore, Fantasy Grounds has a Pathfinder Core Rulebook module available for purhcase that contains all the material from the hardcover (or PDF) book but organized and viewable/usable from inside Fantasy Grounds client. None of this stuff is required.

(Edit) Another option for character creation is to make your character using offline rules and then manually entering your character on the server during session zero.

A freely available PDF of the Age of Ashes players guide is available from Paizo’s website here. It contains background info relevant to character creation for the campaign. Said character creation information will be available when connected to my game server.

I also have the Pathfinder Lost Omens World Guide and you’ll be able to utilize the character options listed in that book for the characters you make when connected to my server.

More material from Paizo is going to be shipped for Pathfinder (2.0) in the following months of this year. When that material becomes available, we’ll see about integrating it into the campaign and possibly allowing modifications to characters based on new rules and data.

The guild’s Discord info is available here, including a link to setting up and/or troubleshooting Discord. Discord will be required!

Keep in mind:

  1. I haven’t used Fantasy Grounds in a few years
  2. I’ve never played/GMed Pathfinder 2.0
  3. I’m a dick

It’ll be starting in a couple of months as that’ll give me time to read the core rules, world guide, and first module, as well as determine what new maps I have to make as well as figure out the tokens I’ll need.

We’ll figure out dates/times in the future. I raid in EQ three nights a week (Mon, Wed, Fri); I’ll be available pretty much any other times. This will be one night a week for about four hours or so.

Session 0 will include character creation/party planning and Q 'n A.

Post if yer interested! Thanks.

Well went over the FG modules prices and found that If you buy the same product off the Paizo site first and then sync up that account with your FG account you can get a discount on the FG module. I’m not sure if you get the full discount for the cost of the Hardcover/pdf off the FG module price. But it is something to keep in mind if you might like to have a copy of the rules outside of FG.


I am also very interested!

Yesterday I came up with yet another character concept for this campaign: A goblin (charhide) liberator, riding a flea bitten goblin dog, determined to save the world from dragons - so maybe the dragon historian background.

Still interested in other character ideas as well: e.g. half-elf sorcerer, and hobgoblin fighter (I know, people in Isger hate hobgoblins, hehe).

Something you probably don’t want to hear your DM say: I’ve read through the first adventure and I found it boring. Oh well. :expressionless:
Maybe it’s spoiliferic, but to go along with the sidebar on recommended lore skills as outlined in the Age of Ashes Player’s Guide (which you’ve all obviously downloaded for free), Perception (which everyone is trained in, yay), Command an Animal (Nature), and Make an Impression (Diplomacy), all have come up a lot.

Good news: I don’t have to make any maps. Bad news: the entire adventure takes place in essentially three locations.

Tokens I’ve been scrounging. I’ve got old backups for creatures but most of my characters weren’t backed up. Bummer. I have to get Photoshop reinstalled which means going to find my DVD someplace. If you’ve got an image you want to use as a token (we generally use pics of miniatures anyway) and can’t do it yourself, post it and I’ll get around to tokenizing it. Medium sized creatures are 100x100 pxiels.

The fourth module of the adventure path as well as the Lost Omens Character Guide are available now and will be available in PDF format on Oct 16. No idea when they’re coming to Fantasy Grounds.

I’m not quite done reading through the rules. I’m on the chapter for spells right now.

Let’s shoot for the first week of Nov for session zero?

Well it’s a start. I can do November. Tuesdays and Fridays are the only days I can’t play right now.

I can’t do Mon, Wed, Fri.

So um… Thursday? Saturday?

Thursday and Saturday are both open days for me, so depends on what works for everybody else at this point.

Thursday and Saturday are open for me. Though on Thursday I can’t stay on later if needed while I can do that on Saturday.


Lotsa votes for Saturday. During the day, at night? How long? Three hours?

I would prefer during the day Saturday, but I’ll do Saturday evenings if that’s what we decide. I think 3-4 hours is a good for a session.

I can do afternoon or nights myself. No preference really for me. And 3 to 4 hours sessions works.


I’d love to get in on this, but I’ve already got full Saturdays, sadly.

Best of luck on the game! I hear AoA can be a little rough but has some really good parts later on.

Can anyone recommend a place to pick up the Pathfinder second edition core rules book in pdf form other than Piazo? I registered with Paizo to create an account, but it has been hours since I registered and I have yet to see the confirmation email. Can’t buy the dang book from the website if I can’t register the account.

All good now only had to register three different email addys before Paizo managed to get the confirmation through to one of them.

For races—err I mean ancestory and classes are we sticking to what’s available in the core book?

At this point I’m tossing around Ranger, Monk or Sorceror, depending on what other’s are playing. Something that compliments the group makeup in the long run, even if I have to play a Cleric again :smirk: (currently playing a War Priest in my D&D Descent Into Avernus campaign).


Saturday evenings at around 8:00 EDT? Duration 3 hours?

For classes/ancestries, it’s pretty much the stuff in the Core Rulebook.

However, the Lost Omen’s Character Guide has expanded info for all the major ancestries which provides more options. It also contains three new ancestries which we’re not going to use because they wouldn’t be appropriate for the Age of Ashes adventure path.

I don’t know of any new character classes yet. There’s a number of archetypes listed in Lost Omen’s Character Guide as well as the Lost Omen’s World Guide that could be neat, but since they’re archetypes they wouldn’t be relevant until level 2+. Though you could keep them in mind for a particular character concept.

Well I have about 5 concepts written down. I haven’t fully created any quite yet. But I should be able to fill any glaring holes in the party composition. So play what you want.