[Finished] Pathfinder (2.0) - Age of Ashes Adventure Path (Thurs 8-11 EDT)

Well I am pretty good for playing stuff that fits the group and making it into something I like, so I can also play something to fill a hole and like it…even a caster (I don’t play casters all that much). In fact I should start playing casters more to get out of my melee comfort zone hehe.

So, my goblin champion concept seems like a one trick pony and my hobgoblin fighter concept is out, but what about a human (Tian Dan) fighter with monk or sorcer dedication (or sorcerer if everybody else is ok with that)? So I know @Rando has said nothing from the Lost Omens character guide but there’s a really neat (as in rp fluff) ancestry feat called Dragon Spit. It would be cool to play a dragon lady character. I know the answer is probably “no”, so what if I don’t take the feat until after the guide comes out for fantasy grounds?

So I guess this coming Saturday will be session zero?


Updated OP with FG connection alias

Alrighty then I guess I should figure out what I am going to play.

That’s what session zero is for! So you can all come up with compatible ideas and I can shoot them all down!

Perfect! I’ll try to come up with 2-3 solid ideas as well. I’m sure I’ll change my mind at least a couple more times between now and Saturday :joy:

OK I’m gonna come up with a mixed bag of 20-30 solid and half-assed ideas and see how many it takes for Rando to get tired of shooting them all down…:smirk:

So we meet at 8 (or a bit before) in Virtual Tabletops channel in Discord tonight for session 0?

Hey y’all, the more I think about this, the more I’m thinking every Saturday night isn’t going to work for me. I can make it tonight, and I can make it every Thursday night, but every Saturday night may be a bit too much for me to commit to.

I’m really sorry for bringing this up only now. I lost track of this thread while days were being negotiated and then when I came back I tried to convince myself I could make Saturdays work but I think I’m kidding myself there. I apologize for not bringing this up earlier. I understand if Thursdays are too difficult.

Thursday is open for me, I have no problem if we move to Thursday nights.

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Thursday is still ok for me. Just I cannot go too late past 11pm.


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Thors day?!?!

That’s gonna make Thor mad.

The server is up! (quiet grave scrawny bard)

P.S. F**k Surtur

Updated op to indicate our move to Thursday night.

this sounds interesting depending on the day and time I might be able to play.
On that note i have never played pathfinder before but from what i understand is it works like 3.5 D&D a little bit with some tweeks

Hey ya Cheese.

As of the meeting we are in right now. The game is going to be Thursday Night 8pm est.


We’ve moved to Thursday nights between 8-11 Eastern Time.

None of the rest of us have played Pathfinder 2.0 either, but yes it works very much like D&D 3.X.

We’ve got room for more people, some come on down. We started character creation today. And that’ll continue next Thursday before we start the adventure proper.

well sry i was looking for something more on the weekend
but hope you guys have fun

Ooh, with the new time, I’d love to join and see how AoA plays!

Sorry @Dacheese :sadpupper:.

Check us out next Thursday @Cortillaen, we start at 8 Eastern but I’ll have the server up early so people can fiddle with their characters before hand, so you might have time to make a new character then even before we get started.