Diablo 4: Decision Time

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What are those OTG clans then? Yikes. I better cancel that join request when I get back in game. haha!

Hmm, interesting. I wonder if they’ll add something like blue check marks to certain guilds lol.

It sucks to have people stealing our name. lol I think there’s another guild with the OTG initials though but they don’t usually use OTG.

Kelly, I, and several of our gaming group all purchased it and started early access yesterday. We have no regrets. The game is visually stunning, and the combat and gameplay had us hooked all day. We are back at it this morning.

FYI, we purchased the Ultimate Addition.

I’ve bough the game and have joined the beta for the weekend. It’s grittier than D3 and I’m impressed with the graphics. Half an hour to login after installing…so I read lol But then, I understand they’re having login issues. Another with the Ultimate Edition. Now to figure out my Blizzard ID to get a clan invite.

I don’t like the FOV, it’s too zoomed in and feels like Diablo Immortal which I don’t care for in the least. It irritates me no end when they develop the game with a zoomed in FOV and no FOV options. It sucks for third person games, sucks for isometric overhead games, sucks for first person games.

It seems only zoomed in in town or in caves/etc. Out in the wilds it’s pretty far back.

@Chevette It didn’t seem like that running around the wilderness area in the beginning part, it still felt too zoomed in to me.

That’s as zoomed out as I can get, unless there’s another setting buried somewhere. I don’t think there is, cuz if they let us zoom out “too far”, the element of surprise of mobs running at you is lessened.

It seems okay to me but maybe my idea of “zoomed out” is different lol

I woke up this morning around 3:00 AM eastern and played it pretty non-stop for about 12 hours. I got the sorceress to 25, did 2 strongholds, did the world boss, got 20/28 lillith shrines, did numerous dungeons, etc.

I just refunded my pre-order of the big fancy super edition and uninstalled.

It’s a solid “B”; there’s nothing wrong with it it’s just not fun (for me). Itemization is pretty boring; around level 15ish I stopped looking at the legendaries I was looting and waited til town to look at them before selling 'em all. The skill tree is really boring, it looks like something from 20 years ago. The game is pretty damn easy 'cept I got totally creamed by the Butcher who randomly showed up in one dungeon.

This was not worth the C$150 they wanted for it.

P.S. I learned at level 23 that there’s an “Exit Dungeon” command on the emote wheel…

Yeah I refunded my pre-order. This game feels too much like a PC port of Diablo Immortal and I’m mot feeling it. I don’t care for MMO-ishness of it all. I have enough stuff to play that I just don’t feel much interest in D4 currently.

I am loving it and will be upping my preorder to the highest one with the BP. I have had the ARPG itch lately and I have tried every game out there - for me, only Grim Dawn is close to what I want and Diablo 4 is exactly it. I want a game that is the best of D2 and D3 with Lost Ark thrown in without the constant chaos that is the UI and systems of Lost Ark. D4 is it. Perfect? Nope, but man it scratches that same itch that D2 year ago.

Probably end up buying it despite my concerns as my brother and friends that I play with will all be playing it. I’m no fan of isometric games or supporting companies that have such a history of pay to win so not fully decided.

Hey all, my take is: this game is hella fun! Playing tier 2 with a Barb, a little challenge, very satisfying combat and interactions. Beautiful to look at. I’ve not had any queue, or crashing issues for the half a day I’ve played.
Other game play mechanics around item improvement, and toon enhancement, look promising.

This is how I feel too! I play GD a lot but nothing scratches the Diablo itch quite like another Diablo!

Doing closed beta and yeah, would love an OTG guild.

I got in on an OTG Guild. It really helps when you go through discord to get hooked up. Another really nice thing appears to be that when you’re in the Guild, it’s based on your BattleNet ID, so the one invitation gets all of your characters into the guild without extra invitations.

The MMO aspects of it, the $70 base game price tag, the overly Diablo Immortal-feel to it all and the lack of Paladin/Crusader and Monk classes (the only two I really wanted to play) are all turn-offs for me. I am not feeling the game currently, but who knows I may be done playing the games I am right now and have an ARPG itch so bad come June that I give in to Blizzard and get D4…maybe.