Diablo 4 Clan Invites

It’s a private clan, OldTimersGuild. Leave your battle net ID (here, discord, PM, whatever makes you happy) and someone will get you invited.

This process is temporary.

I’m Chevette#1521. I’ll leave it here since I’m still waiting to get back into the game after my last crash. lol

I just started playing and I have to say that the graphics are amazing. I saw that there’s a clan, I’d like to join if possible. BNet is: Indigo#11555, Character name at the moment is Indigo as well.

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gitazerac#1615 - Thanks!

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Sent friend requests to @Indigo_Prophet & @gitazerac

Elidien#1860 on Bnet
Got two characters, Elidien and Calamastia

Friend request sent to Elidien#1860

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We have an in-game app for Stiles. Anyone claim it?

** EDIT: Figured out!

Hey Hashberry, I don’t see anything on my end. Battle.net tag is gitazerac#1615 - Character name is Garduin

Thanks so much.

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Offline invite sent.

Thanks, playing on PS5 PSN=Three_Moons, Battlenet is Threemoons#11455 Much appreciated!

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Sent you a friend request. If the timing works out we can get you an invite into the clan while the early access is still running. If not we’ll pick you up next weekend.

Got it, thank you!

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Hi fellow OTGers!,

I’m a little later to the party, but here is my BNET ID:


Currently on PC, so I guess I’ll try to get an invite this coming weekend.


I’ll be on this coming weekend, depending on queues of course. :slight_smile:

Pick me up this weekend:



Pick me up as well this weekend please :wink: - Sarkon#11629
Will Clan invites work accross platforms ? I will be playing on Xbox.

Wizler#1957 please