Diablo 4: Decision Time

Like some of you I’m sure, I’m on the fence about buying D4 because of reasons most of you know. So, what are you going to do? Are you buying or are you going to wait and see how things go? I’ve been struggling with this question for days but time is almost up for a decision, at least for beta.

Thoughts? :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bought it. I, uh, had a friend that played the closed beta and said it was fun! A little different than D3. The map is huge and plenty to do.

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Solidly “Wait and See”. For about 6 months :stuck_out_tongue:


Excited, pre-purchased and downloading the beta for early access now.

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Same here. I watched enough videos to know I will like it and enjoy it. Went ahead and pre-ordered.

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Alright, I bit the bullet lol. Ugh. Let’s hope they learned some lessons. :joy:

Sigh. I miss Blizzard North.

Gonna play the free open Beta, the one not needing a prepurchase next weekend…then I will decide. D3 was boring to me, and Diablo Immortal’s cash grab has me worried…if I have more fun stuff to do I’ll buy it though

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Yeah, D3 was a slap in the fact to Diablo fans and Immortal is just ridiculous. I think it’s good they pushed back the rune release, perhaps they’ll really work at making a quality product this time.

fingers crossed

My dumbass pre-ordered it. Hopefully it is better than D3 which I found to be quite underwhelming and lackluster.

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Unsure how I feel after this as it reminded me a lot of Immortal, but…free Beta will be my deciding point

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I never played Immortal, I knew that was a disaster. This seems nothing like it so far.

Beta crashed after about 20 minutes but from what I’ve played already, it’s amazing. The atmosphere is what you’d expect if you updated D2. Now, it’s very early but I can already say I’m impressed, especially after the D3 disaster. We’ll see how it goes but the atmosphere and gameplay so far is 10/10.

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@Ripp This is encouraging to hear. I logged on my lunch break to an 18 minute queue. Got through and watched the opening cinematic. Then I had to go back to work. Gonna check out the gameplay after work.

They’re having server issues right now, login queues are not nice. Shocking, I know lol. Hopefully things get sorted by the time you get home. It always baffles me how these large companies are not prepared for the flurry. :laughing:

Indeed if they don’t sort out those queue issues now I can only imagine how bad the queues will be come headstart and launch.

This game is phenomenal so far, I’m a little shocked. I just hope they don’t wreck things.

I preordered it and have started the beta. There are a couple OTG clans and I requested to join one. See nothing in the forums about the D4 beta clan so I assume it’s just unofficial since the game hasn’t launched quite yet. See you all in game (when I can get back in after the last crash… two today lol)

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I agree, I’m really enjoying it so far but man crashing twice and having over an hour wait to get back in both times is rough. SAD! But I need that wolf pup pack!

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Yeah, I’ve crashed twice, half hour to go. You’d think they’ll have it fixed soon but who knows lol. The game is amazing though. I know some people didn’t like the MMO aspect but I enjoy seeing people running around, the world feels alive. Plus, the world events are pretty fun with others. I’m… shocked lol.

I haven’t got to the part where I can see other players yet. lol I am sure I won’t mind it though. I usually play solo other than dungeons etc anyway, but always like feeling like the world is alive with other people.

I have 50 mins to go after the crash. Wonder why I had a really long queue and LuckyGhost (who I was watching on Twitch) only had a 25 min queue after crashing. Bah!

Yep, I think they have streamers set up to get in faster. I don’t like that. I crashed, had an hour queue, and Pohx crashed after I did and had a 40 minute queue. That’s not cool but I get why they do it. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: