Diablo 4: Decision Time

Wait, so what is the name of the guild so I can search for it? Will also try to hop on Discord at some point after work this week. Thanks!

It’s a private guild, so you’ll have to contact an officer type person to add you if you give them your Bnet tag.

OK so who is the admin? Sorry I am a bit lost…

I preordered it yesterday and downloaded the beta for this weekend. I liked D2 and D3. I’ve been playing Lost Ark since it was playable in the U.S., but I need something else to play. Lost Ark is getting boring. I’m hoping D4 will give me something to do for a long time. I’ll be looking for the OTG guild when the game goes live.

Well, most important thing for me is having fun, and I am enjoying the Open Beta Weekend…think I will likely preorder it…only level 17 on my Necro, but really like the story and MMO aspects

Preorder it, after going through the nightmare of Diablo Immortal. Played the beta both weekends, mostly sorcerer and necro. Always have like the feel of a Blizzard game, and was not disappointed. Paying for cosmetics, or a monthly subscription has always felt fair to me. I cry crocodile tears when I see posts complaining about either of those. The open world in Diablo is new, and brings in more content which should give the game a longer shelf life. Beats grinding a million rifts. So far the only negative is the dungeons are all basically the same layout. Furthermore, getting to the end of one and either teleporting to town or running for several minutes back through what has been cleared deserves negative points.

Plan on playing for a while. POE is a bit too overwhelming with its variations for me, but I see the fun in it. Blizzard has less of that, which fits a lot more players like myself.

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Preordered is a month ago

You don’t have to run back thru the dungeon… just bring up your map and clickty click on the entrance and you’ll port to it.

That is true with the dungeon scattered around the zones. But I could not find a way to do that with the ones we ran for the main quest.

Here is a link to play with classes and skills until the release.

Diablo 4 Build Planner · D4 Builds



Pre-ordered, 4 day head start, will grind away at it until I drop from exhaustion or late August arrives, where I’ll move to BG3, then to Starfield.

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Same! I am sooooooo looking forward to both BG3 and Starfield. Sad they’re launching so close together. Oh well!

I’m starting my 6 week sabbatical 2 days before BG3, so I’ll get a week or to hardcore dedicated play before Starfield, where I’ll dive in for a month.

I wish I could get a 6 week sabbatical. But I did get one extra day for Diablo 4 launch. lol