Dauntless Coming To PS4 And XBox On May 21st

This a free to play. Has clan support. I played in beta on PC. The PC version is moving to Epic Games Store.

I might give the Xbox One version a go.

Trying to keep the discussion in one place so we can do clan setups if needed/determined to support.

@Viking @Ordegar @evil_mike

More info:

I was just about to give this a go on the PC, but if it’s moving to the Epic Store I’ll just wait and try the PS4 version.

This is cross platform play. I moved from PC to XBox One.

I created a guild “OldTimersGuild” (only 4-15 letters/digits allowed) with a nameplate tag of OTG. I’m hoping guilds are cross platform as well. Checking…

I’ll be reviewing it for mmorpg.com/gamespace.com.

Guilds were having issues yesterday as in “disappearing” :frowning:

played in the beta awhile ago and started it up again. Fun game a little surprised there is not more intrest in it from a global gaming guild with the number of members we have.

Arisboch on the epic Games launcher. (stop the hate!)

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Hello all.

I popped into it last night and played the first several missions.

Does anything change as you progress? At least the first several missions implies that the game is run -> button mash -> dodge -> button mash -> done. Do things get any more interesting?

Will send you an invite

That’s pretty much the game, different weapons to level, etc. It’s a monster hunter world type game.

@Arisboch guild invite sent

Didn’t play MHW, so don’t know what to expect. From videos I’ve seen, MHW has environmental elements that can be used; which I haven’t noticed in Dauntless.

Maybe in a future update after enough people buy all the costumes and dyes. :slight_smile:

@Triah there’s quests and masteries (achievements) to do with light crafting. Good fun at 15 min increments.

I play this a little with my son. Next time I play I will look for the Guild.