Dauntless officially launches

I’m not an authoritative source for the differences between “Early Access” and an official launch, but here we are, official launch with version 1.0 on 26 September 2019:

Tomorrow, Dauntless officially graduates from Early Access and enters the world of 1.0. This launch is something we’ve been working toward for more than five years, and we’re forever grateful to all of you that have supported us along the way.


It’s free-to-play, so I’ve installed it on both Windows PC and Xbox One, and was pleased to see that it was indeed easy to link both to my single cross-platform account. Kudos to the devs for implementing the Epic Games support structure from Fortnite to support cross-play between hardware platforms, and one account across them, as well. :sunglasses:

Thanks, @Benbrada , I’ll be looking to join the OTG guild if membership is still available. My Epic Games account name is Daemonsbane.

I enjoyed this article, “Choose My Adventure: A reminder of why I haven’t played Monster Hunter: World in a while”, and the perspective on the difference in ease of grouping, contrasting Dauntless and Monster Hunter: World, especially with different skill levels.

I also enjoyed this comparison article from last May, “Monster Hunter: World vs. Dauntless: Which should you play?”, which further led me to believe that I’m more the target audience for Dauntless than I am for Monster Hunter: World, looking for the more casual and user-friendly approach.

The choice between the two comes down to accessible and fun for Dauntless , or difficult and more satisfying for Monster Hunter: World .

The more streamlined preparation before a hunt in Dauntless sounds like my cup of tea. As well, in Monster Hunter: World, the group has a limit on deaths before failure, and that a scrub like me can eat up multiple deaths and so completely spoil the fun for a Monster Hunter: World group, a long hunt can end in failure and everyone walking away empty handed solely because of me. :grimacing:

Dauntless - It’s difficult to fail a hunt. Players start each hunt with five potions and three self-revives if they go down. If they don’t have a self-revive or don’t want to use one, allies can revive them after a short animation.

Monster Hunter: World - Failing is easy. A team of players have three lives collectively. When the lives are up, the hunt fails. A single player can die three times and it still counts as a loss. The hunt immediately ends and players need to start over.

I’m also a big fan of the cross-platform approach, Nintendo Switch support is coming this year for Dauntless, will be interesting to see how my same PC & Xbox One account plays in portable mode. :sunglasses: (I do love Diablo III on Switch, but so disappointed that my PC Diablo III account doesn’t extend to it, nor does my Xbox One Diablo III account extend to either … I have Diablo III unlocks & pets spread across three accounts now. :unamused: )

It’s still there. Last I knew we only had 2 or 3 in there LOL

So, we’re under the cap, there’s still room? :wink:

@Falkenstein I’ll add you (Daemonsbane) when I log in tonight. I think my in game name is the same as here, but I can’t recall. When do you play? I play in the early evenings on weeknights. If nothing else, having someone to get the new hunt with friends quest done would be nice without having to add random folks to get it done.

I’ve been playing for maybe a month now? I am approaching 400/400 in gear, though I don’t really play to focus on that. I am doing Dire Patrols now and doing the various elemental Patrols to gather the various elemental orbs. The game is hands off in allowing folks of different gear to play together… I kind of wish they would scale overpowered people down to some number over the target. (So, for example, maybe a 300/300 target would scale anyone with gear better than 400/400 down to 400/400.) Tonight or sometime this weekend I’ll try to knock out the quest for using the new striker weapon. I crafted some +5 ones last night.

I’m in a small guild… quiet, but I got some questions answered early on so I don’t mind as it provides a little info and there is no problems/drama. Folks don’t do much grouping up as far as I can tell, but I haven’t spent any time trying to make that happen either. If the folks in the OTG guild are actively playing and our scheduled have some overlap I’m also interested. (I’m also happy to see about getting folks into the guild I’m in, but… it should be obvious it is a small (40ish people) quiet guild… I’m not even sure if I can invite or if I would have to ask to have someone invite another person.) It bears noting that guilds dont really do anything in Dauntless at the moment. I think this is an area where they can really leverage their gameplay in the future, but they haven’t yet.

The other thing that I find myself kind of wishing for was for things to feel a bit more like a dungeon with the behemoth being the boss… i think that would put me over the moon as an alternative “hunt mode”… I do like that progress in your skill is evident… as you learn the fights they get easier. That is satisfying for a boss battler.

Anyone that is interested in an instanced cooperative boss battler, check out Dauntless. The weapons are different so you can spend some time deciding what works for you (but you have to work on them all to build up your character). HIt me up with a message on here if you want to connect and we can make it happen.

So OTG (which I believe is only 3 and probably not active) or you going to join Ixax’s guild? @Falkenstein?

Oh, for sure I’ll stick with joining the OTG guild, @Benbrada . Don’t yet know how active I’ll end up being, and I don’t want to feel obligated to get on voice comms with strangers outside of OTG. :smile:

Oops forgot, jumping in soon @Falkenstein

Invite sent @Falkenstein

Thanks, @Benbrada , guild invitation received and accepted! Similarly with the friend invite from @Ixax!

My cup runneth over at the present time … I do want to get my Elite Hunt Pass to level 15 and unlock that cool sword skin before this Dauntless season ends at the end of October.

However, Astellia officially launched this past weekend so I picked it up and am giving it a look, Postseason baseball has started, and I decided to also give the highly regarded Dragalia Lost a try with all the free 1st Anniversary gifts that they are giving out. :sunglasses:

My expectation had been that I was likely to dabble and coast a bit in Dauntless until the Nintendo Switch version arrives later this year. I really enjoyed Diablo III on the Switch and had thought that I’d likely do more Dauntless on the Switch than elsewhere, and I could take advantage of the Dauntless cross-platform implementation. :+1:

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In case you haven’t figured this stuff out yet… (if you have just ignore)…

  • Make sure you log in daily and collect the 10 torches in Ramsgate. Once you learn where they all are this takes a minute of running around.
  • Be smart about selecting your Bounties. It’s a beautiful day when you can take a bounty to use a flame weapon and a separate bounty to complete frost hunts. (Because you probably were going to use flame weapons if you do frost hunts.) Other side of the coin, if you have a bounty for frost hunts then selecting another bounty for flame hunts means they both cannot move forward together. Know your playstyle… if you don’t get many interrupts… or if you only get interrupts with your best weapon… then that is a real limitation on making progress. (For example, if you don’t have a flame version of your favorite interrupting weapon… and you want to use a flame weapon…) Be strategic.
  • In addition to the bounty tokens you earn with time (which you can see in the bounty page, you can get bounty tokens from the free pass rewards (and maybe the paid pass rewards?) and as rewards from hunts! So if you run out of bounty tokens keep an eye on your hunt rewards and the pass rewards for a fresh source before the next scheduled time arrives.

If you ever see me online, feel free to say hello.

Good luck.

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A few of us are playing that off and on as well. Myself @Trox and @Kellian (I believe)