Anyone playing this? Since it entered into Open Beta, I’ve been having a lot of fun with it. Needs some optimization on the load times to be sure, but other than that it seems solid.


Aww, zero interest in this? But it’s fun whacking giant monsters with over-sized weapons!

Well for me, the fact that its free to play is a big turn off. I have little hope for a non-toxic experience, be that from immature trolls or gouging developers due to its payment model. That said its looks interesting, and perhaps this one will be different.

Granted I haven’t gotten into the end game yet, but other than the usual nonsense that goes on in public chat, so far I haven’t noticed any toxic behavior.

As far as monitization goes it’s 98% cosmetic, with the only game play stuff being potion packs and a small xp boost if you ‘sub’. They do however pull that annoying as bleep tactic of not having the item costs match the amounts of currency you can buy :rage:

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Moved the discussion to here:

As it’s rolling out to consoles next week as well.