[Closed] PF2 - Gatewalkers (Thursday, 7:30-10:30 EDT), trading off with Grapper, et al

I just installed rulesets for 4E and FFG Star Wars for Foundry.

I have these for Foundry now (haven’t tried any of 'em besides PF2):

  • PF2
  • Starfinder
  • 5E
  • 4E
  • Cyberpunk RED
  • Star Wars FFG

Hope the call wasn’t too bad last night.

We wrapped up shortly after you got called out, Rando told us all to prepare for level 2 next week.

I’m willing to try Star Wars and Cyberpunk both, but I know not everyone in the group likes settings other than Fantasy.

Honestly I will play whatever someone is willing to run.

@Wraith started a FFG Star Wars game for us at one point and I enjoyed it. I ran it for my in-person group but there was an @Rando in the group who hates everything so it didn’t last long :slight_smile:


I looked at Star Wars FFG, it

  • appears to be really expensive
  • appears to be out of print?

I own the Cyberpunk RED core rule stuff/book/box? It wasn’t that expensive. I don’t know anything about online character creators or such.

I was watching some youtube creator types and their videos on how to play Cyberpunk RED, reviews on Cyberpunk RED, etc, and this one creator was doing all of their videos with neat CGI 3D models and terrain and I was thinking… hmm… that looks a lot like Talespire. And sure enough it was!

I own (a copy of) Talespire.

And then the (youtube) algorithm said “Hey! Check out this video by this other creator who took Talespire “maps” and exported them for use in Foundry!”

And then my mind exploded. ~explosion noise~ :exploding_head:

No call wasn’t bad. Came in as a house fire but turned out to be just an odor of smoke in the home. The ceiling fan motor burned up. We removed it from the ceiling and put it outside to cool. The worse thing for the homeowners is they need to buy a new fan and we found a LOT of mouse droppings in the attic where they were also eating the wires, which may have caused it to overheat as well.

I’m officially prepared for level 2 :slight_smile:

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Im with Daemoro- Ill play whatever anyone decides to run. I MUCH MUCH prefer DnD to Pathfinder and or any other types of games out there however I still enjoy playing the other ones.

I used to play Shadow Run in the past and Loved that as well. I am good for anything though :slight_smile:

~Nods sagely~

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glad to hear.

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So I got the journal entries working with the polyglot language add-on. You have to use the non-fancy old editor for those pages instead of the new(er) fancy editor.

I also figured out how to send room descriptions and such to the new format we’ve got of messages popping up on the map/play canvas that I showed y’all.

[Edit] Oh, we’ve got the third and final modules for the Gatewalkers AP available in Foundry now.


Game day

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I’m teaching a class out of town but SHOULD be back in plenty of time, but you never know what traffic is going to be like.

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I have duty tonight again with the FD. I should be here on time if not ill leave a note here as soon as I can.

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Ill be a little late or so. Cooking then need to clean up dinner.


Its Thursday…

I may be late again because of dinner and or a FD call. Ill update closer to 7:30 if I know Ill be late.


So you e probably all figured out that I’m not logged in.

There’s a mountain fire currently and I’m stuck at the station for staffing until our units clear the fire. I unfortunately don’t have my laptop with me.

I hope to be back before 10.




So how did we do Thursday?


Total Party Krispy Kreme

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I lIke

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