Catch Up with Safari

Love that back on the forums!!!

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Well you know the potential has always been there, LoL but my moral compass stops me.

I will be extremely vocal about it let’s put it that way. He did hurt his shin in the process. Hahaha karma for being a he-man and trying to lift two heavy boards at once. I mean logic dictates they WILL slide around, so why the Heck would one try to lift both together. That’s asking for trouble.

I truly was more worried about my monitor then the damage to his leg. His leg will heal, where as my monitor would end up in land fill. He deserves to lose his head. jokes

I did feel bad about NOT feeling bad about his boo-boo, so I handed him a wipe to clean it and put a band-aid on it for him.

But I am concerned about you and your rehabilitation. I did ask you for an update in your thread.

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Ase where is everyone?

I mean mostly that when I log in sometimes I’m the only one online. There always used to be as massive list of names at the old house.

Does this mean “In your Facebook” has stolen everyone away from forums? Or Twitter?

I still loathe that form of social media. But I will always love forums.

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Neither. Most likely Discord.

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Safari! Bounce, bounce, bounce!

So good to hear from you. I see that you’ll be playing in Wow but assume you’ll be on Aussie time. I have Discord but it refuses to work for me. I’ve done everything that was suggested and think because I registered ahead of getting the OTG link, I screwed myself out of joining Discord. So yeah, I’m typing in Wow. It’s so quiet lol

Take care, hon. Tomorrow, heading into Emergency. Bursitis on my elbow and it’s swollen, painful, hot to the touch and red. Says infection to me.


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Oh Taffy,

OMG OMG, you’re still about. This is awesome news and playing WoW to boot. I don’t generally keep what’s considered social hours so I’ll be playing whenever I can. Around my routine of chores etc.

Bummer about the Discord. I wouldn’t rest til I fixed it. I can’t actually play and chat at the same time without voice chat. I truly hope I don’t have issues. I hope you can find a solution to the issue.

BIG hugs from Safari :smiley:

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But what about your aboring fans who just love the sound of your voice :wink:

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Ahhh @Senzoba you sure are a smooth one, you have become proficient in the art of warming a persons heart. Lucky I’m not prone to Blushing.

Discord had better work for me or you guys will hear me screaming from this side of the Pacific ocean. And I’m inland from that sea to begin with.

But @Taff I hope your Doctor’s visit goes well and that you are not in too much pain, I was so happy to see yourself about that I forgot to wish you well. Forgive my manners, I really do hope you solve your Discord issues.

Maybe they should have named the stOOpid program something warm and fuzzy like Chatterbox, that name has a negative connotation to it.

YaY the hug bug herself is gaming. Even if she is muted by technology very big grin

Oh at my Doctors appointment seems I even gained some weight too, 39kg this time. I need to get back to 45kg to be considered Normal for my height. I found a trick to getting the weight to stick. Let’s hope I don’t overdo it. You can convert to pounds with a unit conversion tool if that helps. I don’t know why you won’t use the metric system :stuck_out_tongue:

Hugs from Safari

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You may not be blushing but you probably had a big grin on your face :grin:

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Where you’re concerned, ALWAYS :grin:

In about 5 minutes go look at my post I’ll put in star wars day thread

Happy Star Wars Day

Hugs Safari
Taps Senzo on the head did you read about the waiting 5 minutes @Senzoba?

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I think it more has to do with the decline of MMOs. I know I miss the golden age of so many quality titles :slight_smile:

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Maybe that will change with so much of the world being shut in. Give some of those genius game developers who have been letting life get in the way of producing a great new game, a game that will be specifically MMO for purpose of socializing in isolation.

But I still love the games that are still going now. SWTOR and WoW. DCUO. Rift is probably still kicking albeit in smaller scales.

I never did achieve all that I set out to do in those games. So I’ll just head on back. My absence had been due to the inability to sit at my desk followed by Disassembled PC, that needed another person to put back together.

You know the muscle I organized that might’ve ended up decapitated if you read that post.

I have just hit a blasted snag. My PC is mad at me for letting it sit so long without any love. And has decided to crack the pootans and refuse to start. Bugger might have to wait til I get the new rig before I can play again.

Keep safe Ase good to see you are still part of the furniture around here.



I did and waited 4 hours

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Got me some antibiotics. That’s 4 times a day and a snack beforehand. Yup, I’ll be losing weight. Not! :stuck_out_tongue:
Take care of yourself. And I’m going to have to work out something with Discord lol

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Oh the star wars pic I mean. Just you wait RatBag! I’ll figure out a good punishment :smiley:

@Taff I really do want you to fix your Discord, I haven’t spoken to you in a very long time. LoL make sure you take your medicine, predicted text wanted me to type vitamins, so you better take them too.

I remember the days when you and Tac were in channel on mumble at the same time and you had to be Taffy because it would have been rude to call her Tacky hehehe

I haven’t seen Tac for many years, she went inactive long ago but never came back, she hasn’t moved into this new house of OTG either. Such a shame we used to have loads of fun. Do you remember Tac?

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HAPPY NOW :smirk:

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What am I suppose to be happy about? You didn’t do anything except reply Happy Now with a smirk icon.

Are you aware that below everyone’s posts other then your own, is a little love heart? AND if you click that love heart it is roughly the same as Clicking on LIKES in Facebook.

I was talking about the picture I posted in Happy Star Wars Day thread. Did you look at it? You have to scroll down all the way down to the bottom. Then you click that little heart icon. BUT only click it once then it turns red. If you click it a second time by accident it takes it away. But I suppose DON’T click it at all if you didn’t like or love it. :slight_smile:

But I didn’t get a notification to say you did it. These forums are SMART FORUMS they tell everyone everything that’s going on. Maybe if you do it real fast twice they take away the notification. We are going to have to test these forums and see what they are capable of when I get into DISCORD. OMG so much stuff to learn. But so far I like these SMART features here.


I just typed all that out and then figured you are saying that you are happy now, it wasn’t a question but a statement. I CANT BE BOTHERED deleting what I typed. AND you still didn’t like the dang post Senzoba.

SO @Senzoba – What is it that you are HAPPY NOW smirk facing about? Tell Safari all about it.

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Let me guess @Duvago helped you get Path Finder and now you can fly in Draenor?

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Thank you to all my awesome friends who know that the silly things in life amuse me and make me very happy. YaY I got the badges I was trying to earn. That doesn’t mean I want you to stop doing it of course :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If I haven’t said it yet or you missed it last time I told you, here it is again. I love you all :grin:

Big Squeezie Group Hug from Safari

This waiting for my pc is now officially giving me the shits, and it’s only been 12 hrs since it left home this morning.

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check the star wars forum where you asked me to go and see what I liked

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