Catch Up with Safari

Hello Everyone,

Now that I have finished sulking over the horrid shocking news I discovered last week I want to say a proper Hello to OTG.

To be honest I’m a bit lost on how to navigate the new forums. I did that Discobot thingy. LoL it was funny and made me laugh. WoW I even earned a badge wOOt! I suppose the biggest part of the problem is looking at the forum’s on my phone and not a computer. I have every faith in myself that I will get the PC reassembled soonish. Til then it’s just forum for catch up chats. Do we have the old chat room any more?

Life for me has been wretched the last few years so I haven’t been in a place to want to socialize and depress you all with the issues going on with my physical health so it was better to remain silent. Better for whom I’m not sure.

But with COVID-19 sweeping the world and in particular the USA, I’ve have been extremely worried about all of OTG because the majority of you are in the states and being older most of us fit in the vulnerable group, whether it be age or disability related. This makes me even more anxious but I know you lot are all intelligent and will be smart about keeping safe.

I have decided life’s too short and I need to grab it by the metaphorical horns regardless of what I’m going through, because it can’t compare to the tragedy of what this virus is doing to our world.

I haven’t decided what game to play yet when I get the computer set up so maybe some of my adorable RatBag’s can tell me what’s the best game their loving right now and most importantly tell me why I would love it. LoL will be a test to see how much about me you can recall.

I have to say setting my foot back in the door has had a tremendous affect/effect (@Aerythe which word is right for this sentence?) on my spirits with that one sad blip at the beginning.

I can’t wait to talk to you all. But remember I dislike monosyllabic responses. Hehehe

I wasn’t titled the “Chief Chatterbox” for nothing, curious about something, am I allowed to have my title back or do you wish to challenge me to re-earn it? Because this will be fun either way :smiley:

Love and Hugs from
Safari Plum


I never really got this new forum either , actually hate discord so never use it I still don’t have a microphone other than an old Ipad , which has no speaker that works haha. probably just as well as I’m howling at the moon far too often nowadays with all these youngsters trying to throw social media at us. Still never logged into Twitter or Facebook ever! . I’m definitely one of the Old fart brigade now and hate anyone on my Lawn.

anyway so not much changed there then :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you still got cats ? Aussie land is tough on them hope some have survived

anyway if your bored after searching for 20 minutes or so I found But, more importantly, here's the totally off topic cat post

love number One Ratbag



These forums don’t seem as used as the old ones but I think they are find once you get used to them. Welcome back and I hope you find some fun and good company.


Oh how I missed you dear, I can tell you haven’t been to my profile page yet. Oh well at least I got a badge YaY for the autobiography badge. No one will ever see it but I got a badge of honor. Sooo happy. :stuck_out_tongue: Yes of course I do, to answer the question.

I never expected that you would get a microphone. But I still remember when you used that text to speech tool with the scottish accent and for a nanosecond I thought you spoke to me for the first time EVER with your actual voice instead of mumbles funky style of reading out words LoL I remember almost shedding a tear of happiness, then I blushed from embarrassment. I never told you about that reaction to thinking you actually spoke to me. Thank goodness mumble didn’t have web cam hook up so I was able to conceal my reaction to you pranking me. Gosh I’m gullible.

About the lawn, OMG that’s exactly where I have been while absent, growing my lawn and keeping the young hoodlums off of it. I even put in automatic pop up sprinklers. I have often wanted to spontaneously turn them on when the kid next door rolls around on my lawn like a puppy. Does this make me old now. Oh sheesh.


Hello may I please call you EAT for short?

Thank you for the welcome back :slight_smile:

You are responsible for me getting another badge YaY, I clicked the little heart icon. I know once I get to understand the new forum format that I’ll be okay. As for ‘fun and good company’ you can be sure of it. If not I will just create the fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Too many dang emoticons can’t find a winking one.

What games are you playing besides LOTRO EAT?

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Most people do call me EAT so I’m fine with it. :slight_smile: I also play Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2. I was in WoW for a bit, but I always feel so far behind although the people are always great. If you looking for games, ESO is generally well represented. Of course, LOTRO is the one I love, lol.


MY QUEEN OF THE RATBAGS!!! I’m so glad you decided to join us.

The best way to make this forum look good (intuitive, like vb5, however you want to say it) is to make Category View the default view, thusly:

First click your avatar in the top
Next click your forum name
Then click preferences

Then click Interface on the left
Lastly pick Categories for the Default Home Page

To see what’s new day to day, you’ll then use Latest or New at the top navigation

As for games:
SWTOR had a minor resurgence but that broke long ago.
You can find lots of love in WoW still.
ESO is thriving as always.
GW2 is kind of slowing down a little.


Heya little Ratbag… This is Cass from Rift I changed my name… But nice to hear from you again. Play Guild Wars 2 I’m a leader.


Don’t trust him, it’s a trap! :wink:


@revzman RevZ my dearest that is so helpful but you are forgetting you lot are the RatBagZ. I had a squizz at the preferences section after discobot taught me some gOOd stuff LoL but I couldn’t find @Drisdane Hello Kitty theme anywhere Grrrrrrrr is it hiding somewhere I haven’t yet delved? I really did love that theme on vB5.

@EATherrian my friend @Duvago wants me to play ESO but I didn’t really get into it back when it was brand spanking new. OMG I even paid to buy it.

@scuzz Scuzz dear you’re forgetting I likely share DNA with elephants, you changed to Scuzz long before I took a break. To be honest how in the world could I ever forget you or my dear @Alphea when between the two of you I suffered the most severe sheepings that almost gave me nightmares. I could not be in Sanctum without being transmogrified into sheep form, I spent so much time on my adorable outfits and you 2 plus the rest of OTG with Scotty’s Sheeping wand are responsible for the dang sheep joke that carried on forever. Another OTGer even photoshopped a pic of my face on a sheep’s body and even found a funny photo of a sheep in high heels and stockings which I made my Avatar at the time, then back when @Kaeli was Chapter Leader of SWTOR - Empire side she was driving along on a real road and saw the exact same picture of my Avatar on a huge freaking billboard and the first thing that crossed Kaeli’s mind was ‘Oh My Gosh THERE’S SAFARI!’. LoL it was funny at the time (it’s still funny to be honest) but the moral of this story is that the Avatar photo of the Sheep in heels and tights became associated with what I actually look like. I have you and Alphea to thank for the sheepish association.

But in all fairness it was lots of fun. Oh I must ask Matthew, do you still lunch with Joel? I do look forward to pestering my ole buddy gosh we used to argue a lot. Let me see if his old forum name works @jvoodoochild OMG it does, it does work.

Joel if you read this I have sad news. Bodhi your namesake died. Sadly all the boy’s died via snakes cars or in the case of @Senzoba namesake he disappeared we suspect a snake got him. Duvago’s namesake is in heaven too. Varidren was the first. Those 4 feral kittens I tamed did grow up to be massive cats before life caught up with each of them.

I think I should stop talking and give someone else a turn hehehe. Oh I can’t wait to voice chat with you all.

Hugs and love from
Safari Plum


I was in the ESO beta and hated it. I can say it has gotten much, much better. Give it a try and see but you really can’t judge it on it’s early game any longer, they’ve made many changed.


Forwarded your msg to Joel in case he doesn’t check forums. I haven’t seen him in awhile. Hes doing well if his pretty flower pics on Facebook are a tell.


Did you get the warm fuzzies knowing I could never forget you unless I get struck down with dementia in my new old age @scuzz ?

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A forum tip members tell me is one of their favs:

You can show or hide individual sections. This lets you prune down the forums to only sections you want to see. Myself, I love the latest posts view. Folks should be making good use of categories and tags, so finding things should be fairly easy.

Whatever help you need, feel free to contact @ux-staff for help. We have tips and tricks that might help make things easier for you, take feedback and suggestions, and often can facilitate changes or updates where appropriate or possible.

Welcome back!


Please… I’m almost fifty. But I am happy you remember me as you are unforgettable. :heartpulse:


@Safari So happy to see you back!

We still have a great group in WoW. Alliance are also still most active on Discord. Even if you choose to not come back to WoW (we hope you will), please look for us to say hi!

I remember when I first started playing WoW after a 5-year absence, you were so very kind to help me get re-acclimated. That meant more than you know.

FYI - Effect. :slight_smile:



Hey Lady, long time no see / hear. I was on wow for a little while but i’m gone again. The plan was to go to New World by amazon but that got pushed back to august. Because developers working at home dealing with dogs cats and children don’t know how to cope. That and slow VPN’s to dial into work. My son gifted me with Grim Dawn and bought me a new controller for the ps4 so i can play Horizon zero again. So I’m keeping busy.


@Safari Its nice to hear that you’re still around I haven’t been in discord for quite sometime. Gaming just isn’t that fun when you’re not around. @Safari Since I last talked to you I moved to the city to live closer to my brother and his wife I still live in a university town so i’m pretty close to a lot of places not that it matters since I can’t go anywhere. But you can bet I will be going to these places once all of this is over. Also got a nintendo switch with animal crossing and pokemon sword. Also if this means you’re coming back let me know if you’ll be playing anything


So lovely to hear from you, @Safari!

Please don’t sit alone and silent with your problems. What’s the good of having a community like OTG if not to offer moral support and distractions? I’m glad you’re back, regardless where you land gamewise.

I’m happy to help you with forum and/or discord questions. Hit me up with a PM any time.


Hmm, Safari? That name sounds familiar.

Now where’s my sheeping wand…?