Happy Star Wars Day

May the 4th be with you.



May the 4th be with you and yours!

@mmow : teared up and smiled at your post. Best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Thank you for that.

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Me too Mid, thanks for embedding it here @mmow

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May the 4th be with you all!!!

Thanks for the wonderful Clip!!!

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So I know it’s not the 4th anymore or anything, but I just now saw this and wanted to share. Say No To May The 4th


Let the power of the light compel you!
Let the power of the light compel you!

Truly May the force be with you.

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The husband was going through some old files from thing’s I asked him to make me for my OTG signature back when SWTOR was still on it’s initial release. You know years and years ago when I used to be the recruiting officer.

Way before @revzman was an officer let alone an esteemed leader genuflects.

RevZman is one of my RatBag’s hehehe anyway before someone tells me TLDR awful freakish sequence of letters. Here is the piece De resistance.


SWTOR was my first game here in the guild. I got recruited by a guy I met when I moved to my current town who I grew up with as a kid and we hadn’t had contact in 20 years. So I was hooked.

Then I got my tattoo and it was all over.

You recruited me, Miss Ratbagus Supreme, iirc.

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Funny but I remember a certain character that was having trouble getting her datacron on Corellia. I just so happened to be in the area (guildless at the time) and assisting the lass who told me to look up OTG that they were a great guild to run with.

I too was recruited by Miss Ratbagus Supreme, iirc.


Doh OMG I totally suck at jumping for those dang Datacrons, they were the bane of my SWTOR existence.

I’m still going with the theory that it’s the slow ass internet’s fault or the fishes in the deep blue sea that eat at the undersea cables. The lag used to be awful. But it’s much better these days on a cable connection.

Norfolk oops I meant @Elvis you were always brilliant at all thing’s star wars. I’m really glad you are a CL now big gratz on the promotion.

@revzman and Elvis (it still doesn’t flow off the tongue right) You both gave me the warm fuzzies that you remembered. Oh and in case you missed it because you were watching your wife’s ass and not my message Congratulations on becoming an Admin RevZ.

Hugs from Safari

PS: RevZ you need to fix Elvis’ title and say what he is the Chapter Leader of. I’m guessing you were doing your butt watching thingy at the time. Hehehe

I only add the tit …les they tell me to. :wink: It’s all a ploy to get me to pay attention more again.

I’m glad that I was trusted enough to be brought into the fold and hope I’ve lived up to the OTG standard so far.

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