Your thoughts on the state of the game

Hi all. I am a heavy backer of the game (nice used car level). I have since lost hope on this game due to its development schedule. Once a year I take some time to see if the game is ready for my attention. How would you describe the game at this point in time? Thanks for your feedback

I am in the same boat, but I haven’t logged into the game in a few years to be honest. I will check it out when it comes out. I probably won’t even use all the ships I have. I probably should sell most of them and keep maybe a Freelancer although I do like the Connie and Carrack. Spilt milk. I am pretty sure my Idris will never see the light of day.

Well you guys missed an event just recently held where the Idris and the Javelin were the stars. Space combat is working pretty well. FPS shooting is also going ok. Much better than even a year ago. The connie models get ship to ship docking making using the snub fighter useful. You can fly from orbit to the surface of a moon or planet without ever changing to another map. They brought cave systems in and have started work on fleshing out the 100 or so other systems. Server technology is starting to be developed and some of it is in this next patch. They keep parading planet housing development and mining mechanics are coming along. RSI started fueling mechanics and we will see them soon, probably in the next year or so. Medical mechanics are being introduced in this next patch with the intro of a med gun where you can shoot yourself, another player or an NPC. Haven’t heard much about it so it might not actually be in the next patch. New Babbage is going to get the games first hospital, don’t expect the mechanic to be fully functional yet, but you have to start somewhere. Cave systems where you can fly a ship into and have outposts hidden from orbital view are being developed and possibly see them soon. In the last year they have introduced several ships and vehicles, also made missile systems work a lot better. I dont agree with how some of that works, but hey its better than having 52 missiles and only 4 will actually fire. I think thats pretty much it. I have steadily played this since 2015 and i can honestly tell you its a better game in its current state than a lot of other games are at release. Just my opinion though. Have a good one.

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When I get an email from RSI or related info I just delete it and move on. That’s kind of where I’m at.

I haven’t touched it in about three years. I’m pretty heavy into Elite and I’ll watch SC youtube vids to kind of keep up to date.

I’m still keeping up on the website and news stuff. However my Desktop is having issues, I fixed the heatsink problem so it is no longer shutting down randomly. But the video card keeps randomly freezing. But for now there are none out there to get to replace it. So I don’t dare boot up the game for fear it will completely blow out my current video card. I’ll probably stay out of getting into the game and checking out how it is now until I can get all the components to build a completely new system.

I’ve been pretty good in keeping the wallet closed for the last year or two. Most I have done is shuffle around items by melting something and getting something else with the store credit.


You give us hope Gary.

I download each release and try to play, but haven’t been able to get out of spawn area and into ship for 2 years or so. My system, though 3 years old, meets recommended specs (i5, 1070 card, 16Gig). The issue is not performance, it’s game bugs. For instance Elevators not opening, or not closing, same for ground transport. The apartment door has been the barrier as well.

But when next alpha is out, I’ll give it a go.

Logged in during the convention last year for the first time in 2 years, bought some paints, crossed over into Legatum, took a ship out for a flight…and got ganked. Uninstalled, not been back. Read a few articles, seen a few videos about PvP is out of hand. Gosh, who could have ever seen that coming?

Yea its being worked on. At least thats what they say. Personally I am willing to do 2 things about it. 1. Build a database of gankers and mal-contents and 2. Form a posse of sorts to run over these guys.

It’s not a game. It is a broken tech demo.

There is no appreciable gameplay, PVP has been broken for years without any plans to fix it.

The root problems are:

  1. Their funding model requires feature creep, and they are so overwealmed with the number of features they’ve promised that they are jumping from feature to feature without actually completing anything.

  2. Hiring people they liked rather than people with job skills

  3. Bigger is not necessarily better.

It is not a tech demo, it is an alpha.
It is not broken, it is incomplete.
There is TONS of PvP so you are just wrong there.

  1. There funding has no basis in feature creep. They are not jumping between any features. This is simply fabricated.
  2. Are you sitting in on their hiring interviews?
  3. Faster is not necessarily better

PvP is not out of hand at all.
There is a healthy PvP community in fact.

I would describe it as an incomplete game in its Alpha stage of development.

There are tons of bugs, incomplete or missing game systems and due to those, there are also exploits that get abused with each patch.

However, it can be fun. You just have understand what you are getting into when you log in.
If you expect a polished or complete game then you are going to be frustrated.
If you go in to test out the latest feature, then it is pretty amazing. There is steady progress made with each patch with lots of things to test and report on.

If you do not enjoy early access, or beta testing then this is certainly not for you. There are parts that are even less developed than most beta’s. But if you just enjoy getting in your spaceship and disappearing into the black, or flying toward the fading horizon, or walking through a cave you discovered on a desert moon, or crunching over the frozen forests in your dune buggy, or catching pirates in your multicrew ship, or mining rare minerals from an asteroid, or clearing a military bunker of marauders, or dozens of other scenarios…well then sure give it a try.

You’re wrong on all counts, but there’s no arguing with a fanatic.

I’m an original backer Simdor, I have been here for the full ride and I know the selling points.

And every feature you describe here is present in other games, except they work.

Star Citizen is more visually appealing, sure. But it’s not a game. There’s little to no content.

The missions are all copy and pastes, with small exceptions around a few broken quest givers.

Early Access / Beta Testing implies that most of the content is there, and they are just hunting down bugs / finalizing some features / bugs.

Star Citizen doesn’t have content outside of what we have in hand aside from Squadron 42 (which is still years from release).

in my opinion, the issue with SC is that there are no hard stops for development. it seems that they continue to push the envelope and as such that envelope just keeps getting bigger and bigger, so no end in sight.

“Early Access / Beta Testing implies that most of the content is there”

Not any more, hasn’t meant that for years. BG3 went “early access” with 1 of 5 chapters and that chapter has been rewritten 3 times in 6 months. Steam is filled with “Early Access” games that are barely the framework.

I don’t disagree, but I would expect better from CR.

You mentioned BG3, I have played it some. Historically speaking, MMO games that follow the alpha/beta/ live release, end up with broken servers on launch day because of the rush to get into the game by all of its players. This new model might change that. We work through the alpha. Its enjoyable mostly for me. It doesnt have a lot of promised features, but it seems they are working on it. Everyone in this guild knows how technical, involved, complicated writing millions of lines of code, then getting it all to work together can be. I wouldnt expect it to suddenly get faster. RSI has been hiring outside studios for help. We have been here in this conversation before. We all pretty much say the same things as well. lol its like reading a conversation by those 2 old codgers in the muppet theatre. Thats right, I went there. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve seen the game concept change significantly since I started backing, before we even had hangars that we could visit. Some of those changes were positive, some were negative. These changes have forced me to re-examine how I will play the game. Overall, though, I am still very optimistic. In our frustration over the extended development time, it is easy for us to forget how far the game has come. I don’t spend a lot of time in the PU doing missions, but I do visit for a while after each patch to explore the new mechanics and content. The past few years have brought some really cool things, and I think the next few will bring even more.

I strongly disagree with the assertion that Star Citizen is not a game. At its most basic, a game is an activity that we can participate in for enjoyment, that challenges us and provides some sort of reward for success. Minesweeper is a game. Tic Tac Toe is a game. Space Invaders is (or at least was) a game. To claim that Star Citizen is less a game than these is just silly. No, it is not a completed game, but it provides vastly more potential for entertainment than Solitaire or Candy Crush. Heck, even if we completely disregard the Persistent Universe and Squadron 42, Arena Commander BY ITSELF is a game. So don’t re-define the word “game” to mean something more than it means, and claim that Star Citizen does not meet your new, made-up criteria. Of course it is a game.

Thanks for that, but I am no fanatic. Just hate misinformation and misrepresentation.

Just because you are an original backer does not mean that you have a clue what the game is right now. And from your comments, you do not seem to have a clue.

Nobody is arguing that this is a finished game without bugs. But you keep hopping between two issues whenever one is addressed.

Yes there are bugs, some are part of systems that have been incomplete for years. This is true. But that is not to say they have not addressed any bugs for years. Some of what you are calling bugs are just incomplete features that are on the roadmap for later this year.

No it is not feature complete, but it doesn’t claim to be. It is ALPHA which by definition means it is at the point of feature creation. And we see new features added with every major patch.

There is a lot of content here, and anyone actively playing the game will tell you that. They wont tell you it is enough to call it a game yet, and I agree it is not. But again, it is not calling itself a complete game, so I am not sure what your point is there.

As for the missions, I can somewhat agree with you. There are a lot of cut and paste ones. But there are a lot of unique quest lines as well, you just don’t get spoon fed those, you have to explore the verse and find them. Which is actually a lot of fun. But hey you know what else? The mission system is not complete either!

Basically every complaint you have revolves around the fact that the game is not yet complete. And nobody is arguing that it is. Which is why I said, if beta level testing is not your thing then go play something else because SC is not even that far along yet! According to you there are plenty of games that have all of the content SC is missing, so have fun in those until SC is at least in beta.

Are there bugs? Yes
Is there incomplete and/or missing content? Yes
Did anyone ever claim it was bug free or content complete? No
Is there more there than a tech demo? Yes