Your thoughts on the state of the game

I think most people equate the term “game” with “finished game”
So they say it is not yet a game because it is not in a complete and marketable state.

And that is true.

But I agree there is enough to do in SC now to make it game worthy, as long as you accept the caveat that there are incomplete systems and many bugs to deal with.

Oh and I only listed the features that I know work. There are many I did not list because I know they have bugs or are incomplete.

I have heard this a few times and when I ask this next question I never get a solid answer so maybe you can tell me.

What features have been pushing the envelope in the last 5 years that were not part of the 2015 redesign of the game?

I guess that is directed at me. It is a psychological evaluation of CR’s own words. Basically he is never satisfied. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing as that mentality is driven to excel. Where it falls short is that at some point you have to call it complete. A friend of mine graduated Yale with a MBA, and it was in a conversation with him about the curriculum that brought this about. They teach at Yale that you only have so much time and you need to do the best you can in the time given, but at some point you have to deliver.

So my comment is based on what I know about CR based on what I have heard him say. He doesn’t have any real deadline until the funds stop pouring in. At that point, he will have to deliver or call it quits and I don’t see him calling it quits. He is making history and he knows it. I think as long as people are willing to buy ships to fund SC, then he is going to continue to push the envelope as much as he can. Thing is, what you see in the game isn’t all that they are doing, and I think it would be very shortsighted to think that they are not still striving to be not only state of the art today but tomorrow too. Hence, that is pushing the envelope simply because of that last bit… ‘tomorrow too’ as tomorrow is never here.

If you don’t agree, that is fine. Most people don’t agree with me anyway, so that isn’t a biggie with me. Could I be wrong, sure, plenty of times, every day. But I am not always wrong.

Yeah that is pretty much what I usually hear.

Thanks for taking time to answer.

My answer is a bit simpler, paraphrasing from my other post…literally every feature I was looking for, that was promised to me, has been removed.

  • Launch with 150 systems? LOL, try 3. Maybe 4? 20 years from now maybe 10…I’ll be dead by then.
  • PvP slider? Outright lie to trick PvE players to back the game.
  • Private Servers? See above, along with opt out of PvP, etc
  • True exploration gameplay? Nothing to discover, they’re not adding anything, all explorers do is flag rocks for miners. I’m not landing on a planet to “discover” a new life form like in the Connie Commercial.
  • Medical play, Passenger play, Science play, etc, etc, etc, all lies, not even vaguely implemented. I own a fucking BIOME ship that I won’t be flying for 20 years, if ever.
  • Base building is a great idea…until we realize 100% PvP, so literally anything I build can and will be shot to pieces. Anyone who’s played Ark knows precisely what I’m talking about, guys who server hop for the sole reason to destroying other people’s hard work, which means I am the content here, and like an idiot I paid to be it.

Literally everything this game was initially about is gone, replaced with skins, paintjobs, and “nifty” tech to gloss over the game becoming a space Battle Royale. And before you point out that all of that stuff was gone long ago, I backed long ago, and backed big because I was idiotic enough to believe them. The current game is absolutely nothing like the game that was promised, nor the game I backed.

I have to agree with Mac as I was in the original Kickstarter and definitely wanted a private server. It has been so long I forgot. I also have that what was it about $1k ship with all the farming and telescope and medical bays… yeah, I don’t have as much as Mac does but I am well over the $5K range. I probably would have been fine with just a Freelancer.

I got hung up on the “sunk cost” fallacy, then I just trickled money in to reach various goals out of a macabre sense of OCD :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel the same way, I wonder if Concierge would refund us?

I doubt it but let me know how you fare with that. I did it because I wanted the game to succeed. The funding certainly succeeded, and maybe one day will we have that game. I don’t have a lot of hope for the PU, but SC should be good. I loved WC and played that to death but the one I loved best was Privateer, and I was really hoping for that game updated which I thought the PU would be. I also really liked Freelancer, so when I saw the Kickstarter I was hooked, CR updating the games that I loved most. I have 8 more years before retirement, so maybe that will be my 65 year present… hehehe, yeah maybe

Mac, Private servers and PvP slider were part of the original game design which was scrapped in 2015

We were not supposed to have full planetary exploration or traversal and we do.
Those 100 systems (not 150) were going to be trimmed down zones compared to the massive scope we have now.

PvP was ALWAYS part of the design, and even when the slider was still going to be there it was never going to get you 0% PvP.

Medical gameplay is on the roadmap.

Base building was actually not part of the original plan, it was added after the 2015 redesign.

So you backed long ago. Ok, you also know all of this changed LONG ago. You have been backing a new design for twice as long as you backed the original design.

Not sure where all of the sudden buyer’s remorse is coming from but if you really want out there is always the grey market.

Private servers are not happening. They were “officially” removed from the roadmap forever.

The Endeavor was always talked about as a ship that would come after launch, many years from the time it was concept sold.

Like I mentioned to Mac, you can always sell off your ships if you feel you want out. Nobody would fault you for it.

I am in for almost as much as Mac, maybe as much or more now since I still pledge from time to time. I have considered grey market sales a few times to trim down my fleet. Not because I have lost focus of the project so much as I just see less need for so many ships.

But then CR told us from day 1, you don’t need more than a starter ship. We just decided to keep buying for our own reasons. Hard for me to be mad at the game, or the company or CR for that.

Yes sir, but by 2015 I was already heavily backed, so your comment doesn’t invalidate my point. All of the things you’re saying were removed were removed AFTER they had the bulk of my money. CR and TZ both publicly and formally stated that every player will 100% be able to avoid PvP if they want to, anything and everything to milk the PvE money before they scrapped all of it. I’ve not backed much since they did that, so my “remorse” isn’t “sudden”, I was lied to and screwed, they left cab fare on the dresser and moved on to other fish. I just don’t talk about it all that much because there’s no point, it won’t change anything. The white knights will always rise up to defend with platitudes and CIG’s wildcatting the market, they literally have zero reason to care about money they already have and have spent.

Yeah, the grey market is certainly an option for me. “For sale, $25k account.” My ships are in packs and CCUs, not sellable individually. My hope is that a class action fires up, that’s pretty much my only option for getting any of my money back, otherwise it’s just gone, which is fine, I accepted that when I spent it, but if someone fires up a legitimate suit I will absolutely jump in with both feet.

I also did all of my backing at the onset of the campaign. I don’t think I would join a law suit though. I would like to see SC succeed. I gave willingly but yes as Mac said, they certainly seemed like they placated the PVE crowd first and then the PVP crowd. I just hope that SC has some long game to it and at least a decent sized universe of sorts. There is the X series and I played a lot of X3, maybe I will give X4 a try.

X4 isn’t a bad game. They are continuing to update it and improve it. Heck I think they even released a new campaign for X3 as well.

As for SC, still in it and still enjoying it. Not backing like I used to, but still in.

Bro, I honestly don’t see how SC can “succeed”. SQ42 will be a huge hit, generate funding for the other 2 episodes, etc. I will happily play it and enjoy it. But the PU? 8 years in and massive aspects of the game, things people PAID for, aren’t in the foreseeable future? 100 systems down to 2? It has 1/10th the PvE content of Eve Online, which is a dedicated PvP game. IMHO, SC will never actually launch. The studio will continue to sell ships for the fictional PU while cranking out episodes of SQ42. The PU will exist in this eternal “alpha”. The Lumberyard engine is already grossly out dated, the people look like mannequins, the movement is clumsy and games like Witcher 3, released years ago, blow it away with sheer beauty. Epics new Unreal MetaHuman creator is simply stunning. I expect within the next 2 years CIG will announce a complete retooling of everything, a massive overhaul of the engine, which will set development back 12 years while they re-do everything, just to try to be competitive.

Again, SQ42 will come out, and it will be amazing, but CIG lacks the basic understanding of how human beings interact to be able to release the PU in any form that will be remotely successful, and honestly releasing it would be the worst thing they could do, as that (in theory, according to their “promises”) will end all RTM funding, ship buying, etc, and as long as there are suckers buying ships, they can and will sell them.

No matter what happens, Some one is not going to be happy. Truth is this is not the game that started the kickstart program. As far as exploration goes, Even if we had access to all the systems. We would not be able to explore all of it effectively. There are NPC nations out there we have only heard about. We have yet to see any of those ship designs or home systems. So plenty to do. If I were running this development, I would have put 5 or 6 systems together, got some of the professions done and then gone live. I dont really think that RSI will wait until the hundred systems are up and running. But we will see.

@Simdor Ping me if you want to sell any ships, I’m after a couple - esp an MSR, Vulture and SRV. :slight_smile: